Tuesday, December 16, 2008

12/16/08 - Parental Rights

Do you know there is a battle in America for the rights of parents? Do you know there's a growing disregard for the rights of the parents in courts all across America? Do you know there is a UN Convention on the Rights of the Child that, if ratified, will radically change the role of government in the lives of our children?

With the new administration, democrat run congress and senate, the threat is even more looming that parents will lose rights with their children!

Thankfully God is in control.

Please check out the website: www.ParentalRights.org

Even if you don't have children, support the cause for those of us Christian parents who desire the best for our children and who know that God gave us our children....He didn't give them to the government!

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LT said...

I have realized this too, and I wish parents had more control...maybe someday. But I know that everything is God-ordained and in His time, things will happen according to His plan! :) Thanks for posting!