Monday, December 1, 2008

12/01/08 - Kindness

The third quality my dad said was important to find in a mate is to observe how he treats his mom and sister(s) (or other important women in his life). He would say, "However he treats his mom is one day who he'll treat you." So true!

When I think of this quality, kindness comes to mind. Is he is kind and gentle to the women closest to him, or is he disrespectful and rude?

This is yet another quality you can observe without becoming emotionally attached. It's easy to watch how a young man treats his mom from afar. Does he roll his eyes at her? Is he short with her? Does he talk bad about her? Does he disrespect her? Is he pushy with his sister(s)? Is he physically abuse with his sister(s)?

Those three qualities: teachable, hard working, and kind were on the top of my list when looking for a mate and yes, my husband is extremely teachable (more so than me!!), a hard worker, and is kind and gentle with his mom and sister. These were all things I saw in him long before we became "official!"

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