Sunday, November 30, 2008

11/30/08 - Hardworking

The second of the three qualities my dad said were important to look for when finding a mate is: hardworking.

The way I would describe a hardworking person is: dedicated, honest at their job, willing to go the extra mile, doesn't look for ways to get out of work, willing to work hard even when the boss is not watching, doesn't complain about work, and is humble in their work ethic.

Life is filled with hard work! God put Adam to work before the fall. Work is part of God's plan for us. Work should not be seen as a curse!

I believe a man should provide for his wife and family and this is why having a hard work ethic is very important. (I understand some of you may not agree with me, but I am a complementarian in roles of men and women, not egalitarian.) I also believe a woman should know the importance of a hard work ethic. If a woman works or is a full time homemaker, life is filled with work, hard work!

Again this is a quality you can observe in someone without becoming emotionally attached to them. It's easy to spot those hardworking people! They are the most enjoyable to work with because you know they are not going to slack on anything!


The King's Missionary said...

Thanks for posting on these characteristics, Heather. These are very helpful. God bless!

MInTheGap said...

Hardworking-- something that's been lost on some during this generation, but was definitely present in the previous.

May we all take this as an encouragement and a challenge to be better workers and better providers for our families!