Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 - Delayed Gratification

Part of the reason, I believe, we are in such a financial mess here in America, is because we as a nation don't understand delayed gratification. We want it, we get it now. We don't wait on anything.

We have microwaves, fast food restaurants, credit cards, cell phones, e-mail, text messages, the Internet, and other modern day conveniences that make waiting for anything nearly extinct.

Actually I heard that K-Mart and Sears have been promoting their lay away program for the holiday season! (There is even a possiblity of more savings with a Sears layway promotional code: SEARS PROMOTIONAL CODE)

Yes, we have collectively realized that all our overspending and not living within our means is finally catching up to us.

The news reports show that we've been overspending for about the past 25 years. So for some of you, you've only known this style of spending and living. But reality has caught up to us in a real eye opening way!

Since we've lost the disciple of waiting, we transfer this to other things. The first thing that comes to my mind is sexual intimacy. Since we're so used to having what we want when we want it, we feel no need to wait for anything.

Learning delayed gratification is not fun! It's down right unpleasant and hard. But the more you practice this lost art of waiting, the "easier" it becomes because you see the downright joy of watching the Lord provide in His perfect timing!


Anonymous said...

I agree, Heather!
God has taught me so much about waiting for marriage. We, as God's people, have to learn how to wait; It is how God shows us that He is greater than the blessings we are waiting for. It is definitely not always easy - sometimes it can be very, very hard - but, nevertheless, we must learn to wait on God!! And, sadly, sometimes the only way we learn that we must wait on Him is through hard times. I say: Let the hard times come, AS LONG AS they will revive us, draw us nearer to God, cause us to wait only upon Him, and spread revival through our land!
In Christ's Love, Jessica Bernhardt

Clara Van Nattan said...

it is very true that life focuses altogether too much on getting what we want and getting it right now... sometimes I think we would be better off without some things to remind ourselves that life is not all about material possessions and gratification of our desires... Not that I'm talking about necessities, but rather some of the extra things that really are extraneous. The Lord always provides what is necessary if we just trust Him and have faith in His ability to provide in His time.

MInTheGap said...

For some time now I've been totally with you. It's part of the reason that we chose to get out of debt and start saving for things that we want.

It is endemic in our culture that we need to not only have it now but, "have it your way."

We're in for a good correcting and we need it.