Saturday, November 15, 2008

11/15/08 - Anything Goes

Do you feel like you are surrounded by people who have the "anything goes" mentality?

I believe part of our acceptance of crude language, sexually explicit behavior, drunkenness, and a host of other "normally" shameful sins, is because this generation has grown up watching the "Real World" and other reality TV shows that promote this type of behavior. Not only promote, but encourage and glorify shameful, sinful acts!

So how are we as Christians to live?

The pat answer is to say to avoid and don't participate in these activities, but I think it goes beyond that and showing a watching world the joy you can have in the Lord. Often Christians are some of the most depressing people I know.

Imagine if every Christian had such joy it was contagious? Imagine if every married Christian couple had a thriving, happy, fulfilling marriage? Imagine if every Christian teen stood out at their school as a person of integrity, purity, and peace? Imagine if every Christian single displayed the deepest satisfaction in the Lord alone?

Can you only imagine! People would be flocking to our Lord and Savior and happily replace shallow, temporal, sinful activities to pursue the Lord full throttle!

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