Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/13/08 - No judgements

I'll admit right off the bat that this is a tough topic. We are called to not judge one another, yet many times in the scripture it says that believers will bear fruit. What is the balance? Where does accountability come into play?

I struggle with these questions myself. How do I honor God by not being critical, yet be a voice when someone is needing an outside perspective? We see in the Word, times when God used a person to bring another person into repentance (I think of King David and the prophet Nathan 2 Samuel 12). So how do we strike a balance in a world that says: What's good for you, is good for you and what's good for me, is good for me!

Many have a view of Christians as being loud, opinionated hypocrites. So before we begin holding others accountable, we have to be sure our lives are being lived for the Lord. Making sure we don't have one foot in the world and the other in God's kingdom. We must make sure that we are living authentic lives before God and others.

Sure we're not perfect, but we must strive towards actively keeping the plank out of our own eye (making sure in doing this pride doesn't creep in!) In keeping our lives pure and holy before God, others will see that and it will bring credit to our name and reputation (remember though it's not about us, but about glorifying God in and with our lives!)

I also believe that if you feel led to confront someone on a sin, you must have a relationship established. When you've taken the time to really get to know someone, it leans credit to being able to speak freely.

Also, remember we have allowed this mindset to creep into our churches. Many come and love the grace message, but refuse to admit we have to preach truth along side that. Christ also struck a perfect balance of grace and truth. As we grow in His likeness, we can ask Him to give us this ability to present grace and truth in a perfect balance.

How do you feel one can strike a good balance in this area?


Rut said...

Great, Heather,
just in perfect timing with my own personal struggles.
What do you think about a woman confronting or rebuking a man - the truth, the attitude towards him, the use of the Word of God....

and what do you think about rebuking someone for the same mistake you are doing too (being harsh with sin and too firm with human mistakes). Should you rebuke after you have completely solved the "problem" in your own life? How would you rebuke someone for something you're struggling with too?

Thanks for the post, and comments.
In God's love

Brooke said...

This was excellent! I've also wondered about this and I think you answered it quite clearly. Thank you so much! :)

Rut said...

So, there is no answer to my questions?

Heather Paulsen said...


Thanks for reminding me to answer this question. I am so sorry I haven't done it sooner. Sometimes I get a question, think about it for a while and I may forget to come back and post about it.

About a woman confronting a man...there are so many variables in this situation. I think it would really depend on the relationship, the action, if it's better for a man to confront him, etc.

About correcting someone for the same mistake you're making...first isn't it SO easy to see our sin in others! Second in pointing out a sin that you yourself have to work on may best be presented as a need for accountibility in both of your lives. Making the person feel as if you also want to weed this sin out of your life.

Hope this helps! Sorry it took so long.

Rut said...

Thank you.