Tuesday, November 11, 2008

11/11/08 - No Truth, No Absolutes

There are many in our society who may not come right out and said, "There is no truth, there are no absolutes...or there are no absolute truths!" but their attitude, lifestyle, and thoughts prove different.

In saying, "There are no absolutes." Well, that is an absolute! So that's one absolute in just saying that statement...makes no sense, right! It's logically an incorrect statement!

In saying this or adopting this mindset, what your saying is there is no right and wrong. We can justify any behavior if we say there is no truth or absolutes.

How do you feel this mindset or worldview is played out in real life?


Luke said...

I have a problem with the idea of "Moral Relativism" as I don't think it is an accurate portrayal of what people actually believe (even if they say that your perspective isn't absolutely true). I've written about this before: The Myth of Moral Relativism.

Just stirring up the pot of ideas [smile].


Heather Paulsen said...


Keep on stirring!