Monday, November 10, 2008

11/10/08 - This Generation

I heard over the weekend that the gay marriage ban in California was kept in place because people over 35, no matter their race, voted to keep the ban in place. The percentage of 35 and under who voted to lift the ban, was in the 60% range!

This made me sad! It seems that this generation has no moral compass. I sat down with my pen and paper and began writing down some of the things stacked against young Christians and some of the ideas that they have had to fight against!

1) There is no such thing as truth. You can not know what is absolute truth.

2) There are no absolutes. This is related to number 1, but anything goes because there are no absolutes.

3) There are no judgements. Because there is no truth and no absolutes, you do not have the right to judge anyone. Anything goes, therefore you don't have the right to say what is right or wrong. (What's good for me, is good for me, what's good for you, is good for you!)

4) You are to be tolerate of anyone and everything. Again this goes with number 3, but we are to be totally tolerant of anyone's lifestyle choice. Not only tolerate, but accepting. We've lost the idea to peacefully disagree.

5) There are no boundaries. Anything goes! There is no shame in sin and there is no sense of seeking holiness.

6) No delayed gratification. This generation has grown up with e-mail, Internet, text messages...they don't have to wait for anything. If you want it, go get it, without waiting!

7) Creationism is a joke and anyone who believes that there is actually a God who created the earth in 6 days is ignorant and narrow minded.

8) Physical intimacy is not all that important. It doesn't really matter if, when, with whom you are physically intimate with. It's just a physical act and shouldn't be such a big deal.

This week, I am going to break down each of these points. I hope to encourage some of you who may be feeling these worldviews and are frustrated with responding to those in your generation who have bought all of these lies of satan!


Julie said...

Point #8 - if physical intimacy is unimportant, then why is sexual abuse so destructive?

Morgan said...

This is great, Heather. I've missed reading your blog. Somehow it went under my radar for a while but when going through my links I was lucky to find it again! You are really wise--thanks you for sharing. =)

ladyakofa said...


U raise key points critical for our days. It grieves me to see young women like myself throwing away the ancient, tried and true paths for 'new,' and temporary ways to their destruction. I see that Christian parents (myself too, when God blesses me with marriage & children) of today have a fierce battle ahead if we want to bring our children in ways of God. Standing on His Word, relying on His grace we'll do fight the good fight.

I look forward to reading more. :)

Daniel Radke said...

As a youth of this generation I have had to fight against these issues for many years. I can say that your observations are unfortunately dead on; things are as bad as you say. For those of you reading this post (and those to come) please pray for the youth in the world that God has redeemed...that He would keep them to Himself and use them mightily for His purposes! Praise Him!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm looking forward to this. Thank you for taking the time to go through these topics with us!

Ben said...

Just because we don't share your moral compass doesn't mean we don't have a moral compass.