Thursday, November 6, 2008

11/06/08 - God's Grace

This week in my bible study I've looked at God's grace.

I'll confess that I walk through much of my day not pondering the grace that's been extended to me, but I must realize that all my life is possible through God's grace.

I found today's exercise helpful and wanted to share.

"I need God's grace in my life to:
  • deal with major disappointment
  • be morally pure
  • forgive someone who has hurt me deeply
  • seek forgiveness from someone I have wronged
  • bear chronic physical pain
  • repent of a particular sin
  • mend a broken relationship
  • resist a particular sin
  • break off a wrong relationship
  • overcome a besetting sin
  • meet pressing financial needs
  • break a habit
  • guard my tongue
  • handle loneliness
  • love a family member who is hard to love
  • deal with the pain of my past
  • be faithful to my mate
  • deal with guilt and failure of my past
  • take specific step of obedience
  • honor my parents (or in laws)
  • be kind and patient with my kids
  • love my wife as Christ loves the church
  • accept a particular ministry opportunity
  • respect and submit to my husband
  • fulfill the ministry He has entrusted to me"

What a great list and I am sure we can add to that.

Thank you God for your amazing grace, may be ever be mindful of it!

(I love this video and song from the movie Amazing Grace)

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