Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/28/08 - Wake Up People

That phrase has been playing over and over in my head: Wake up people!

It was from a Super Bowl commercial for Diet Pepsi with ginseng. Here's a link to watch it: Wake Up People.

This post is not to promote a soda I've never even tasted, but to share my thoughts on why this phrase is running through my head.

At times it feels like we live in a society where everyone is mentally and spiritually "asleep". People agree with whatever they see or read, people go with the flow, they don't question anything. We live in a society where we have to all be tolerant of each other, thus many people do not take the time to dig deep into God's Word to find out what He thinks about things.

We have an epidemic of people who do not know how to think. They haven't been taught to question, analyze, think through logically, or process what is going on in the world around them. We have churches filled with people who are more concerned with how to make them happy and comfortable, then to spread the gospel of Christ.

Now I post this to not blame or point fingers, but for us to make sure we're "awake", listening to God, reading His Word, and not being afraid of going against the flow! Wake up to what God says about authority, forgiveness, selfishness, repentance, and humility.

(I sure hope no one takes this personally...this is just my feelings about our society in general! Just watch any news coverage on the election and you'll see the "go with the flow" mentality, not the swim upstream like salmon mentality.)

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Amanda said...

I sure hope people do take this post personally because our society will never change until we as individuals do first! thought-provoking post, thank you