Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10/22/08 - Honesty

As I type tonight, the entire house is quiet. My boys and my husband are tucked away in bed after a long day of "projects". I didn't think I'd have a chance to blog, but I wanted to take this moment to share what I've been pondering all day.

In my current devotions I am working through: Seeking Him: Experience the Joy of Personal Revival. I bought it at True Woman two weeks ago. It has proven to be an excellent, challenging workbook! It has been created for a group or of now I am working through it alone, but it may be a study I use down the road.

Today I was working through the first day of week three and it's about honesty. So all day I've pondered: honesty.

Are you honest with God?
Are you honest with others?
Are you honest with yourself?
Are you hiding something from your mate or parents?
Do you tell half-truths to avoid unpleasant consequences?
Do you tell a story so that it casts a better light on you?
Have you exposed sins to an accountability partner or have you kept it from them out of fear of embarrassment?
Is there something larking in your past that weighs you down?
Do you use your time honestly at work and school?
Do you engage in talk about others that may not be truthful?

All day I've been thinking through honesty. There's such joy in complete honesty with my husband. We've tackled tough issues and it's always been with honesty and humility.

I remember as a kid watching drama shows on TV. I would think, "If so and so just knew what so and so was thinking or doing, there'd be no tension in the relationship!" It would frustrate me.

Isn't that drama? We imagine that a person is thinking something, thus it creates tension and then there's drama!

I think about a friend who has struggled with being honest about what she is really thinking. This has caused issues in friendships, ministry, and in her marriage. I've watched her challenge herself to speak her mind and I've seen the closeness that can come from being willing to walk through a conflict with a close friend.

So honesty...what do you think about honesty?

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