Thursday, October 16, 2008

10/16/08 - True Woman (Part 6)

Friday night we heard from Janet Parshall and watched a pre-taped video of Joni Erickson Tada. You can listen to both of there talks HERE!

Janet was a very fast talker and was so enjoyable to listen to, I took less than 1/2 page of notes. She talked about motherhood and if you are a stay-at-home mom her talk would be very encouraging!

She shared about her experience as a mother and how God gave her a vision for "taking care of her flock". She went through 1 Samuel 1 and 2.

A couple of her points that struck me:
* If everything is pushed through the grid of His love, which it is, can we trust Him? Can we trust Him with what He has not given us?

* We so easily say, "Oh God we love you." But how we balk at saying, "Oh God I trust you."


Joni is feeling enormous, unexplainable pain, so she was able to join us in person. She made a video and shared about praising God in the midst of suffering. Talk about powerful!

She encouraged us to see disappointments as appointments from God. She explained that we are God's jewels and if she wanted to clean her diamond ring it would have to be scrubbed clean. If we are to shine for God we're going to have to scrubbed.

During our times of suffering we must reflect the glory of God, but His glory will be on His terms and not our terms. Our suffering is God's chisel. We should ask God to purify us, to become like Christ, and hate sin!

No matter what we're experiencing we must think of others ahead of our self. Increase focus on serving others will bring joy!

To see Joni, in a wheelchair for 40 years, share about the glory of God though suffering was powerful and makes my problems and issues seem so small!

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Pete and Joy said...

I remember seeing Joni speak when I was maybe 10 years old at my Grandma's church in Elmhurst. She was very inspiring! I'll have to check out the links you gave, thanks. :)