Wednesday, October 15, 2008

10/15/08 - True Woman (Part 5)

Friday morning's second speaker was Karen Loritts. Karen spent the majority of her talk sharing her personal testimony of how she dealt with a season of life that was gripped by fear and uncertainty. She called it her "emotional meltdown".

She shared how God began to show her "fear buddies":

1) Distorts reality
2) Victimizes and beats us up
3) Puts undue stress on the body
4) Alienates the truth
5) Immobilizes us
6) Replaces faith
7) Disappoints -it takes more than it gives
8) Makes us afraid of success
9) Fills the heart with despair
10) Steals joy

Karen was a really funny speaker...if you want a good laugh just listen to her talk! She shared how she went into the bathroom and just had a good talk to herself about what was really going on. She said sometimes we need to stop listening to ourselves and start talking to ourselves. We need to speak truth to ourselves about fear, bitterness, anger, and our sins. She said at one point, when she got to the end of herself, she surrendered all her fears to the Lord.

She took us through the passage of James 4: 7-10 and the 6 things we're called to do:

1) Submit to God
2) Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Wear God's armor
3) Draw near to God
4) Cleanse your hands
5) Purify your heart
Do business about your sin. Repent and experience the freedom that comes with repentance.
6) Humble yourself

At this point Nancy Leigh DeMoss called us all to a time of repentance. She was bold in calling us to repentance. She said things like, "If your bitter towards someone in this room you go and ask for forgiveness. If you need to call someone on your cell phone, you go find a signal and make it right. Get on your knees. Go to the prayer room. Confess your sins."

At one point she said, as all our heads were bowed, "Raise your hand if you feel God asking you to do something and your resisting." Then she said, "Now go do something about it!"

It was a powerful time of prayer, confession, repentance, and cleansing! God was working in that place!

If you are feeling like you want to take some time and expose your heart before the Lord, I recommend the "Cleaning out the Sanctuary" post I put up on my blog before I left. It will be a good place to start cleaning out your sins and getting right before out mighty God!


SamanthaMarie said...

I just wanted to mention that I recently (as in a few days ago) finished reading Emotional Purity. It really made me stop and think about so many of my relationships with guys. I now know that I would like to close off those close emotional ties that I have with male friends and save that for my husband. I'm striving toward becoming a submissive woman for God, and falling deeper in love with Him. I really appreciate all that you've done for girls my age and for putting this book out there. It was a real encouragement.


Heather Paulsen said...

You're welcome! God bless you as you seek purity!