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10/14/08 - True Woman (Part 4)

My prayer is that you are enjoying my "notes" from the conference. I pray you are being blessed by them and maybe even listening to them yourself from the True Woman website!

Friday morning we were back to convention center by 7 am, ready to hit the floor running! The morning session again was over three hours of pure teaching, worship, repentance, and fellowship!

Mary Kassian started us off with a message based off her book: The Feminist Mistake. She started by playing: I am Woman from the last 60's. It was a song I was unfamiliar with, but it resonated with women my mom's age (in their 50's).

(Actually as a side note, all of the speakers, beside John Piper, were women in their 50's. It was amazing to see so many older women teaching younger women. I sensed from each one of them that they had walked down the path of life and walked with God through many seasons. They had much to offer. Also, it seems like all of them have a devotional/quiet time "chair". A place where they go to have time with God. I guess as a mom with two young boys my quiet time is any place they are not! ;-) )

Mary started by sharing the history of women in TV and how we got so far off the mark of true biblical womanhood.

The TV programs she highlighted were:
  • Leave it to Beaver (The perfect mom with pearls, a dress, freshed baked cookies, and completely satisfaction in her role as a wife and mom)
  • Mary Tyler Moore (A young professional woman who didn't need marriage or babies to make her happy)
  • Murphy Brown (Not only a professional woman who didn't need marriage, she didn't need a man at all.)
  • Ellen Degeneras (I don't need a man to make me happy. I am sexual satisfied completely apart from a man.)
  • Friends (You can have casual sex, you need no commitment, as long as you're friends)
  • Sex in the City (Stick with your girlfriends. Put the sisterhood first.)

Feminism is a worldview. It's an: ISM.

in 1950 there was a revolution, a complete turn around and during this time there were a few key women spear heading the women's liberation movement.

Betty Friedan was one of these key women who rebel against being a wife and mom. She told women to take charge of their life and that being a wife and mom was to be sub-servant and would bring no lasting joy or peace.

Her motto was: we need and can trust no other authority than our own personal truth. We our own own god.

Betty Friedan pulled the trigger for feminism in our nation.

One way that the movement grew is they'd gather women together and begin to talk about how bitter and angry they were towards men who tried to make them second class citizens. They called these groups: Conciseness Raising.

They'd speak bitterness to recall bitterness and they'd speak pain to recall pain. This caused there to be a collective anger among women. The carnage from this movement is unbelievable. We are so broken.

We, women, have been taught to not submit to any external power. But God created us male and female. That is not inconsequential. There is purpose for the two different sexes. We must honor these differences.

When we tell God this can not be so, we take authority into our own hands. We have no right to question God's rights to create us how He desires. (Isa. 45:10-12 Does the clay question the potter?)

We must not overlook or trivialize that God made man and woman different. 1 Corinthians 11:9-12 are very unpopular scriptures these days. Who I am as a woman and how I relate to my husband people should look at say, "Wow, I see Jesus!"

In our society we've stepped away from understand that our only hope for wholeness is to understand we are to live for the glory of God. That we must tune our desire to the right target.

The question that feminists asked was: what will bring women true happiness?

Do we roll the clock back and say it's only being a mom, with a station wagon, and a white picket fence? We were created with needs and desires to make us fall in love with God.

Selfless servant hood living is worth it and only in that God-centered life, will you find happiness.

True woman is starting a counter-cultural revelation and it must start on a personal level. It must start with us each seeking out where we have allowed bitterness and anger to rise up. It starts with us saying, "Yes, Lord what do you want for my life?"

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