Sunday, October 12, 2008

10/12/08 - True Woman (Part 1)


Oh dear friends, my heart is so full with all that I learned and experienced this weekend at True Woman.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss had a vision for a national conference and this was the first conference of its kind. What an honor to be there. Just amazing!

I am planning on spending this week sharing what I learned and some of the messages of the weekend, but today I want to share about the conference. I want to leave you with a sense of what it felt like to be there.

Just imagine a room with 6,350 women with open hearts towards the Lord. There were women from every state, except Hawaii and Vermont. There were over 100 women from the Dominican Republic. Not only were their over 6,000 women, they shared that more than 3,000 women joined us via a live feed on the Internet!

This conference did not use "emotionalism" to draw you to the heart of God. No hype, no gadgets, no tricks...just pure scripture, pure worship, and hearts open to Him.

Today at church as friends asked me how it was I'd tell them this, "It was amazing. The main sessions lasted three hours and for three hours 6,350 women sat, not moving, just soaking in God's Word." It felt like no one wanted to leave, we just wanted more and more!

So in the course of 48 hours, 12 of those hours (plus two one-hour break out session) were just pure worship, teaching, prayer, and fellowship with the Lord. I wonder if those who planned this event felt like, "We're getting these women together for 48 hours, let's spiritually feed them the whole time!" It was great!

Actually Nancy Leigh DeMoss teased us on Saturday when she explained how we need to have forbearance with each other as we move about and wait in line. Then she said to avoid long lines at the bathrooms they were just not going to give us breaks. Then she said, "You think I am kidding." No she wasn't and quite frankly it was fine with most of us women!

The worship leaders were Keith and Kristyn Getty. Their music was pure and lovely. They lead us to the throne of God, which was moving.

Every aspect of this conference was completely God-centered. You felt this covering and protection of God over the women that were there. (Also there was a room full of men praying for us the entire time!) It was clear that every speaker had their heart hooked up to the Father and wanted Him to receive the glory.

In a three hour session we'd start with worship, then have a video or testimony, we move to the first speaker (which was normally 45 minutes to an hour long), then we'd have time to respond. They gave us all kneeling pads and during the moments after a talk, we'd have time to take it to God, pray, process. Then we'd see another video or sing and go right into the second speaker. The speaker would speak and then we'd have prayer, response time. It was nice to not feel rushed or speeding through what God was doing!

Oh I could go on and on, but I'll leave that for later this week! I pray that this series of posts is encouraging to your heart!

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