Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10/08/08 - Offended

Are you easily offended? How much does it take for you to feel personally attacked or offended?

Human nature is to defend ourselves or be offended easily. I believe we are to caught up in caring what people think of us, so when someone treats us a certain way or criticize us, we tend to be offended.

How different would we allowed comments, looks, and actions to "roll off our backs"?

It's a choice we have. We choose to allow what other's think of us dictate how we function or we choose to allow ourselves to look through God's perspective of us. If we are walking in integrity and walking in faithfulness, then what other's think of us should not have power over us.


Luke said...

I've long thought that it took a lot of offend me. And I still think this is true for the most part. But there are some things that really get under my skin.

And most of those touchy subjects are the areas that I am most interested in, have the largest potential, and care the most about. This is another example of where our enemy targets the areas that could be our greatest strength.


simplysanctified said...

What a great post! I needed to hear that - thank you so very much!