Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10/07/08 - ESV Study Bible

I am excited that the ESV Study bible will be released next week. I have mine on order and can't wait to receive it.

Here's John Piper's thoughts on bible translations and why he uses the ESV.

What translation do you use?

My entire life I've used NASB, but have used ESV more in the last two years. (Although I think John and I own four different translations of the bible in our home.) I will be reading through my ESV study bible in 2009. Our church is dedicating 2009 to reading through the bible as a congregation, with sermons based on our weekly reading. I am excited to have this new bible!

I just found this great video introducing the ESV Study Bible


arcee said...

after going through the Greek for Dummies class at church last fall, i decided to buy the ESV (which Mounce worked on translation for) so that will be the one i read for our upcoming read through the bible.

i bought the message a few years ago with that goal in mind, but i don't enjoy the message that much. i like it in small bits.

Luke said...

I use the NIV. Oh, I know, I'm still using "that" translation. But when I'm doing serious study, I go online and check out multiple versions, especially the NASB.


Heather Paulsen said...


That's funny: "that" translation.

I really don't mean to sound like I don't like the NIV...I've just never used it so I am not used to it. I've always used the NASB.


Anonymous said...

I did a short course on bible translations as part of my work in a Christian bookshop.
There are two main methods that are used in bible translation; word-for-word and thought-for-thought. Word-for-word takes each Hewbrew/Greek word and tries to find the most equivelent English word, where-as thought-for-thought takes a passage of Hebrew/Greek and tries to convey the some thought/message.
This website gives a chart of how the different translations compare to these two translation methods http://www.zondervan.com/images/cms/Bibles/bible_transchrt_js.jpg
I really enjoy the Amplified bible. The Amplified bible gives more that one English word for a lot of the Hebrew/Greek words thus providing a wider, deaper view of each verse.
God Bless, Elisabeth