Monday, September 22, 2008

09/22/08 - Dry

Lately I've felt a bit spiritually dry. Not sure why, just haven't had much to share.

What do you do when you go through dry seasons in your walk with the Lord?


Gina said...

I am a first time commenter here, I think, but I felt led to send you my prayers as you are journeying in this place.

I have loved getting to know you online here and I support you and your message of purity and emotional guarding of our hearts and emotions.

That being said, I am also in a place where things are rough and hard, but I keep reminding myself that the LORD is in control and loves me.

I feel like I can't go on another minute in this trial - but HIS grace is sufficient and I can do all things THROUGH HIM!

Keep reading the WORD, spending time nurturing your soul in prayer and listening to praise music, and share your heart concerns with trusted friends and prayer partners.

Feel free to email me anytime and I will life you up as my sister in the LORD!

God bless you and your family!


arcee said...

i think at least some of my dryness is coming from a new season that is packed with stuff to do and people i'm accountable or responsible for in some way. i don't have much time to myself. i'm running low more often than not. it's sad because it becomes a downward spiral for me rather quickly and i get discouraged, i doubt, and i worry a lot!!!
discernment seems to go right out the window with peace that passes understanding.

i recognize that i need to find time for more concentrated prayer and journaling and to do things that quiet my soul, but how do you incorporate that into what feels like an already fast-paced schedule? hm. still struggling.

will be praying for you! love you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sort of in the same place, too much going on around us maybe? But, the Total Woman conference might just be a place of refreshment for us??? That's what we are praying for, right! XO

Luke said...

Honestly, I just kinda "hang in there" and wait the dry spell--or worse--to pass.

I sometimes cry... or yell... or vent to my friends. My prayers get more aggressive.

I try to rest in God's grace.

That's about it.

May the peace of Christ cover you today.