Monday, September 8, 2008

09/08/08 - Real Life

Our church meets in two services in the summer, then back to one service in September, I was excited to see some faces of church members I've not seen all summer. I was also looking forward to the new series our pastor is teaching in our Sunday school on Christianity vs. Muslim. Needless to say I was excited about Sunday school and church yesterday.

I had all our clothes laid out, the boys bags packed, and I went to bed early to avoid being tried at church. (John and I believe in preparing for Sunday morning on Saturday, makes for a smooth, calm morning when everything is ready!)

At 2 am on Sunday morning I woke up to Luke, my two year old, coughing with a running nose, and begging to come to my bed. I knew right then, my expectations of the day were going to be shot. I thought to myself, "This is just a season!" as we drifted in and out of sleep in our bed.

Sure enough Luke was sick and John suggested we flip, he go to Sunday school and I go to church, which we did. So I was able to go and be fed this week.

Luke's runny nose was dripping most of the day, but he was able to play. So it wasn't a knock-ya-out type of cold. I figured I was safe to stick to the plans of having over some long time friends this morning for coffee. I got my house cleaned last night, and prepared for my company. I even pulled out the fall decorations! I was looking forward to some catch up time with my friends.

Again, Luke was up at 1 am and then 5:30 am with a runny nose. I finally got up with both boys at 6 am. Luke was just laying around but wanted juice. A few minutes later my kitchen floor was the spot of his first throw up. He said he felt better and wanted more juice. A few minutes later my clothes, his clothes, and the couch were the second spot of his throw up.

I called my sister, who was also planning on coming over, to cancel our plans.

Why do I share this? One is to share than life is full of disappointments. We raise our expectations and life throws us curve balls, so we adjust. What is our attitude when that ball comes zooming our way? I am no expert in this, normally I struggled to pass the test, but yesterday and today God has given me grace. I calmly accept His plan for my day and know that this too shall pass!

Second I share it because I know many of you are single and hope to be moms some day. This is the joys you get to look forward to. I don't say that sarcastically, I say that seriously. Ask God to prepare you for days such as mine!

Luke's playing in the bathtub, to clean up the throw up that ended up all over him, as I write (don't worry where my computer is I am about 5 feet away from him!) and I pray that he bounces back quickly!

What expectations have you had to let go of recently? How was your attitude?


arcee said...

Thanks for being real without compromising Truth! :)

This is an ongoing process, but I continue to have to relinquish my desire to have a career that I love or even to have the security of a job I've 'earned' (through hard work and continuing education).

So much of my worth still comes from that piece of my identity and that seemingly unattainable longing to spend the majority of the time I've been given doing something that makes my heart deeply glad.

Beloved of God said...

Thank you so much Heather for your encouragement. I'm going through such a season of disappointment right now over an emotionally close 'friendship' that I'd hoped would be something more.. but isn't..I need to face that now. It hurts so much and it's wonderful to read encouraging words.

Arcee.. just thinking after reading your post that it's so ironic that God uses what we want most to bring us nearer to him. For me, I have not really wanted a career for identity, and he has poured out every blessing on my career. BUT.. I put those expectations instead on being a wife and a mom, and THAT has been what's eluded me!! It's so hard to focus just on Jesus as a source for EVERYTHING... thanks Heather again for your blog. I just ordered your book yesterday. - Beloved x

arcee said...

Beloved... Yes, so true! Heh, being a wife and mom has eluded me, too. I think it's so engrained in me to be 'successful' and productive that I expect my career to represent my efforts.

God is gracious and lavish in His blessings and yet in His wisdom, He sometimes waits for a painfully long time to answer our hearts desires.

Usually by the time I get something I 'wanted,' I've been humbled quite a bit and no longer perceive that as something I deserve.

Anonymous said...

Dear beloved of God,

My heart goes out to you in your pain. You are right that it is a season. It will pass and the pain will ease. God brings us though the hard and painful times in life.

"Emotional Purity" really helped me to understand what I was going through and how to regognise it and avoid getting my heart in such a mess again. It also most importantly helped me to be drawn closer to God.

Something that has really impacted my life is that it's really God that we are deaply longing for. No-one else can fully and completely satify our innermost longings for love, companionship and care etc. God knows exactly how we feel. He can touch our hearts like no-one else can.

Blessings, Elisabeth

thebeloved said...

Hi there... you mentioned praying that God would prepare us for those times when schedules don't work out and life doesn't go as planned. He's already blessed me with lots of training in that area, but I had never really thought about it as preparing me for future motherhood (although someday I hope to be a wife and mom). I live in the Middle East in an area where "plan" is a bad word and things change direction in a matter of seconds. Thanks for the insight. :)