Friday, September 5, 2008

09/05/08 -Voting

I tend to avoid political discussion on my blog because this is not a blog about politics. However today I want to appeal to you Americans to vote.

The first time I voted was in 1992, I was 18 and too excited to register to vote! I know, I was a little weird.

I've voted in every presidential election since then, most non-presidential elections, and almost every primary. I know it's my civic duty!

If you're not registered to vote, or you just don't take the time to research the candidates and vote, please let me encourage you to vote this year.

Why, you ask?!

Right now there are so many issues and both candidates have different views on just about everything. You may feel it's overwhelming to sift through what you think about the economy, foreign policy, oil, domestic policy, education, health care and the endless list of issues. But I do believe there is ONE single issue worth voting on, the right to life.

Obama is THE most liberal democrat when it comes to the issue of abortion, THE most liberal!! He was unwilling to even be straight forward when asked," When does life begin? "at the Civic forum that Rick Warren conducted in August, saying, "My pay grade isn't high enough to answer that question."

Please watch this video to know how Obama thinks about abortion:

McCain has said, "This will be a pro-life White House." When asked the same question, he responded with no hesitation: At conception.

This is my issue. I don't agree with McCain on a host of issues, but I do think that abortion and the right to life of our most innocent citizens is worth fighting for.

Now factor into the equation that in the next four year we will be appointing a new Supreme Court Justice! Which man do you want choosing a new judge!?!

Please think of voting if you don't, if nothing else, help protect the innocent lives of the unborn!


MInTheGap said...

The Supreme Court justice argument is probably the most sound one for those of us that don't really like McCain and are having a tough time with Palin.

You're right, we need to be involved.

Pete and Joy said...

I started writing a comment to contribute to your discussion, but the comment got really long. So I cut and pasted into a blog entry, and kept typing.

I admire your compassion and your zeal. Abortion is a tragedy. I think that changing the law, however, will only succeed in changing the face of the moral reality that we actually have on hands; the law won't change hearts. It's strange to me how something so clear cut in my mind can be so sticky to actually go about resolving.

Heather Paulsen said...


I agree that a new law won't change the hearts and I honestly don't ever think America will be abortion free, I do however want to have a president who will protect the unborn.

I'll read your post!

Meredith Ivy said...

I totally agree- It seems like 90% of the folks in my conservative "blogging circle" would rather vote for a third party candidate (such as Baldwin- which I personally feel might as well be a vote for Obama since Baldwin has no chance) than for the McCain/Palin ticket... I disagree with a multitude of McCain's views but his (and Palin's) stand against abortion is by far the most important issue to me... Have a great weekend!! :)