Thursday, September 4, 2008

09/04/08 - Clean up time

In the past week I've had a lot of reflective time in my own personal walk with the Lord. God is showing me issues He wants me to work on and I feel a new sense of Him cleaning up!

Of course in times and seasons where God is at work in my life I don't always know how to translate that to my blog. Some of the areas are very common, others are personal, but God is working.

I love when I feel God purging sin from my life. I love to feel His cleaning, all powerful hand, fast at work in my life. This week I've had some time to clear my head, journal, and hear from the Lord.

The one area, that I feel some of you can relate with, is the area of my mouth, my words. I believe that most of us, our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses. For me it's my mouth. It's an area that God is always at work in, but I have felt an even deeper sense of Him wanting to "clean" it up and make my words powerful and under His full control.

I think of the verse in James where he says, No one can tame the tongue, it's a restless evil full of deadly poison (3:7b). Only through God's grace can our mouths and words be under His control. This is my prayer!


Giancarlo said...

Hello Heather! I love your blog, and I can´t wait to read your book.

It is a blessing to know that there are brothers and sisters worried about youth chastity and purity.

God bless you.

PD. Would you add my blog to your favorites? your are on mine.

MInTheGap said...

Over the past weekend I was reminded again about what you said about complaining-- it really is pervasive. It's true that we have to really check our heart and our mouth and make sure what we say is right.

Brooke said...

I am so glad to see the Lord work in your life. It's encouraging.

That's neat about the commenter above, because I have also been also thinking about what you said about complaining in an earlier blog post. You gave us a challenge to try not to complain for one whole day. I tried it, and as you can guess it didn't last long. I didn't realize how much I do! By God's grace that is something I'd really like to work on.

Philippians 2:14-15
Do all things without murmurings and disputings; That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights of the world;