Monday, September 1, 2008

09/01/08 - Phew

Well, we ended summer with a super busy weekend: high school football game, family picnic (with John's family), surprise anniversary party (for John's brother and wife), family dinner (with my family), fireworks, slumber party (at my parents), breakfast (prepared by my dad), and a parade! The boys fell in bed at 6:30.

What a great way to end summer!

One question that is on my mind: Have you ever prayed for something and then see God answer right away? If so, do you want to share?

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ladyakofa said...

Hmm... God answering right away, there have been many, some minor & for some reasons, the minor ones are those that I recall. For example, I remember craving for a specific chocolate biscuit late one evening. I couldn't go out to buy any 'cos it was late & the stores were closed. So I uttered a simple, light-hearted prayer.
My mom came home late with the biscuits!:)

It seems trivial but for me, it shows how God would answer such a 'minor' prayer speedily.

However, not all prayers have been answered quickly. But God remains God!