Friday, August 29, 2008

08/29/08 - Dry Bones

Have you ever read Ezekiel 37: 1-14, the story of the Dry Bones?

Lately I have been reading it and it has hit me in a couple of ways.

God asked Ezekiel, "Can these bones live?" (vs. 3a). Ezekiel answered so wisely, "O Sovereign Lord, you alone know." (vs. 3b)

Then God told him to preach to these dead bone. Preach to them! Start prophesying to them! Talk to DEAD bones!

Doesn't this seem absurd, talk to dead bones! But this is how God works. He calls us to do something that makes absolutely no sense to us in our human mind. Ezekiel obeyed!

As he was prophesying to these bones, they came together and formed flesh.

Then God told him to continue to preach and He breathed life into these bones and a large army rose up.

Here's how this has been brewing in my mind.

First, God's ways can be so far fetched. They can seem so impossible and He may call us to do things that make sense. Regardless of what we think, we must obey.

Second, as a person with a strong conviction to living a life totally sold out for the Lord, not cutting corners, living a life with integrity in all areas of my life, and standing up for my beliefs, it can feel at times I am talking to dry bones. It can feel like my message can fall on dry bones. So I have to believe that God will use what He has called me to, to raise up people for Him glory.

I don't in anyway want to compare myself to a bible prophet! I do believe that God has called me to share the message of emotional purity with His people. So even though I may feel at times persecuted and all alone in my stance, God wants me to endure for His sake and for His glory! Also, I am in no way perfect. Although I strive for those things in my life, I fall short time and time again. Praise God for grace!

This is what comes to me as I read these verses. What comes to your mind as you read Ezekiel 37: 1-14?

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MInTheGap said...

My area is notoriously hardened to the Gospel to the point that I think many in my church don't even want to try. That's got to be what Ezekiel was feeling when he looked at those dead bones:

"Sure, these bones could live if you do it Lord, but come on!"

We can get to the point where we believe that God isn't working and then think He won't work, and then we give up.

How sad it is when the people of God say one thing about their Maker, but their actions say they actually believe another.