Thursday, August 21, 2008

08/21/08 - Leaders

Do we, or should we, hold people in leadership positions to a higher standard?

Should we expect them to be a "notch" above?

Do you become discouraged when you see someone in "ministry" doing something that is a gray issue? Should we?

These are all questions I'd love to hear your thoughts on!


MInTheGap said...

I think a good argument could be made either way:

Higher standard

God states in Galatians that leaders will be held to higher standards. They're responsible for what happens in the lives of the people under them, and that means that they have to take extra care of their own life.

Same standard

We're all called to live holy lives. The qualifications for a spiritual leader should be something that we all should have or strive for.

Simply because a leader has a title on his name does not mean that we have an excuse to not be as holy.

Anonymous said...

I went to a different church when I was a teenager in Winthrop Harbor during the late 1970's...the pastor there always seemed so above us...that he was very much above doing anything wrong...that was my take on it as a teenager....Our pastor now at CCC puts himself with us in rising above struggles....I like that...I like that he identifies with the same struggles we as his congregation and he can help us to overcome them together with God's help.

cadawg said...

While I agree that it is important for a church leader to be transparent about his struggles, Scripture does call them to higher standards. The pastoral epistles say that they are to be above reproach and James says that not many should desire to be teachers because they will be judged by a higher standard.