Wednesday, August 20, 2008

08/20/08 - Quotes

Yesterday, when I was looking up a word in my bible concordance, I stumbled across those blank pages in the back of my bible. I have used it to put great quotes I've heard throughout the years. The bible I use now is 10 years old, so there's a few great quotes.

I thought it would be fun to share. Some are going to be ones you have heard, some are going to be my own thought, some are preachers I've heard throughout the years. I don't have any cites for these, so please forgive if I am not giving credit to someone who deserves it!

God's not looking for partnership, He's looking for ownership of me.

Christ is not looking for a better me, He's looking for a dead me.

Anytime I become defensive, I must ask, "Is this sin?"

We are always God's children, never His adults.

What you do and the way you live, is what you believe, the rest is religious babble.

Pure feels better than all sensations and temptations.

If I don't get what I think I want - I'll only get God's best!

Success falls between submission and suffering (in the dictionary)

The Word is:
A Hammer: To break us
A Fire: To consume us
A Water: To grow us

I hope this is encouragement to you.


Emily said...

Those are some REALLY good quotes! I especially liked the one about never being God's adults, and the success one.

Thanks for sharing!!


MInTheGap said...

"Christ is not looking for a better me, He's looking for a dead me."

This is a terrific one that fits in with what God's been working on me recently.

We tend to think that we have to "do something", but God wants to use us. We want to do things in the strength of the old man, He wants to work through us to glorify Him.

They are two totally different things.