Tuesday, August 19, 2008

08/19/08 - Youth

This blog has been brewing in my mind for awhile and I just need to get it out ;-) I am not putting forth a great deal of research, but this is just from my heart and experience!

There is a movement of youth in our nation that excites me at the core of my being.

I think of ministries such as, The Rebelution and Abort 73 (this site has some graphic content). These are just two of hundreds of other ministries founded and run by young people in America. These two groups are impacting thousands of teens and are just growing.

In the media we hear about the youth of today and how lazy, unmotivated, uncaring, and self-focused they have become. Of course, I can't deny that there are these types of teens in our culture, but I also believe that God is doing something with the next generation of young people.

I think back to the 60's and all the cultural changes that took place. Those major changes did not happen from men in suits making decisions for our nation, but young people rebellion against their parents and society.

I believe we are experiences the backlash of the effects of the 60's (and 70's, 80's). Young people are taking a stand on their convictions and are believing in God for big change. They are "rebelling" against the lack of convictions that the 60s brought our nation. I am trusting God, that young people will "wake" America up to the sin we are so steeped in.

What makes this generation so unique is they've grown up dealing with issues that I didn't deal with (and I am not that old!!!) Aids, homosexuality, abortion, divorce are all issues that have become more common place. Yes, those issues were experienced in my generation, but they were not so freely talked about and accepted. (I think growing up I had one friend whose parents were divorced)

This generation has never been without cable, video games, reality TV, e-mail, and a host of other "things" that make us feel more connected, yet less connected to reality and truth.

This generation has been lead to believe there are no absolutes, that there are many paths to God and to say anything is just being judgemental.

This generation has deeply felt the consequences of divorce and the devaluation of marriage between one man and one woman.

This generation has grown up with Columbine!

This generation has watched a sexual scandal with a President.

This generation has watched the "real world" being portrayed and 6 strangers living together and trying to get along.

This generation has a very skewed perspective of privacy.

They do have a lot stacked against them, but I fully believe change, deep spiritual and moral change is taking place. I am excited to watch God at work and can't wait to watch what happens!

(If you know of other ministries worth mentioning, please add their link in a comment!)


Nella Camille said...

Hi Heather,

I second the recommendation of the Rebelution :)

Just wanted to let you know that I just finished reading your book last night. The most recent post on my blog has some of my favorite quotes from your book and shares more of what I learned. Thank you so much for sharing your vision with my generation!

Every blessing in Christ,

Gina@Chats With An "Old Lady" said...

I appreciate your perspective, because honestly I have been going through a huge time of disillusionment concerning my role as a Titus 2 woman, and what that means and how to live that out. My husband and I live on and work at a Christian college and what we are hearing and seeing in this generation is very disturbing! We took our two children to the rebellution conference, and they were inspired...but then we have come back to mediocrity and kids that don't care much about personal holiness. I see that more often than not young people aren't interested in an older person's input. They are off doing thier own thing, experiencing their own "god"..and it is very disheartening! I am praying that there would be a change and that I would not grow weary in this ministry to young people. It is so hard.

Anonymous said...


I forgot to comment on this post, so here it is a little late.

Vision Forum Ministries has blessed my life in more ways than I can say. God has used their products (CD messages, books, etc.)to shape who I am today as a young woman, going against the tide of today's youth/young adult generation. I am so glad God has changed my heart, protected me, and given me an awesome vision for my life and my unmarried yrs.

A FEW of the products that especially impacted me from VF:
book: So Much More, by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin
CD: Victory for Daughters
DVD: Return of the Daughters


The Botkins girls' website has greatly challenged me as well:


If you haven't seen it, I think you'd greatly enjoy it; some of their posts are similar to your's.

Have you ever heard of Vision Forum or seen the products I've mentioned?
Jessica Bernhardt