Monday, August 4, 2008

08/04/08 - Prayers

Yesterday at church my mom walked in crying telling me that my niece, Hazel (almost 4), was having a seizure and there were 6 paramedics working on her. My mind raced: was she breathing on her own, why were there 6 paramedics working on her, what happened?

After we got more information from my sister and the doctors, they were thinking that Hazel had a stroke. Her left side was not responding the same way as her right side and from the symptoms they assumed she suffered a stroke. At one point it felt like this could be a long recovery. The doctors were saying that she'd stay for a few days until they could figure out what had happened.

They had also said that she dislocated her shoulder while she was having her seizure.

My parents left after church to go to Iowa (about five hours from here). At one point Hazel had woken up from the sedation, knew how old she was, but starting pulling at the tubes, so they re-sedated her.

When my parents got there my dad felt that God was telling him to lay his hands on her and pray for a complete healing. He obeyed and prayed that God would completely heal her! At that moment he felt God confirm that she indeed was healed.

He kept this to himself, and they took Hazel for a MRI.

When they were given the updated from the doctors and the results of the MRI, the doctors could find nothing wrong with her, so sign of stroke, completely normal MRI. Also they said that maybe she didn't dislocate her shoulder after all. To top it off, her left side was responding just as her right side was! She was not droopy on one side and she was moving both her arms and legs completely normally!

God healed this little girl!

The doctors said that she'll be home today or tomorrow.

As I laid in bed last night, praising God for this healing this verse came to me:

James 5:16 b The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

My dad is a righteous man, who strives to walk with God and obey Him. Recently I wrote a tribute to him. Click HERE to read it!

Much to be thankful for today, mostly for the power of prayer!


Brianna said...

awesome answer to prayer! God is so merciful!

simplysanctified said...

Wow! What an answer to prayer! God is wonderful and so very good! It's so encouraging to see God work mightily in the lives of others!

Narelle said...

PRAISE TO THE LORD, THE ALMIGHTY! How good it is to be reminded that He works today just as He did in the Book of Acts! It's not the Acts of the Apostles -- it's the Acts of God! The same yesterday, today, and forever.

We were just studying Acts 12 the other day. I'd never noticed before that the brethren received a yes answer to their prayer for Peter's release from Herod's sword, yet Herod killed James. The brethren will have prayed for James just as they did for Peter. We naturally ask, "Why Peter but not James?" The answer is: God is sovereign, and He decides when we are excused from the witness stand. We can ask, but not demand. And after all, James got the better deal, transported into the presence of his Saviour.

I need to remind myself of that when I get what I asked for, to keep me humble, because when I don't get what I ask for, I need reminding to praise God in ALL things!

Rejoicing with you,
N =)