Thursday, July 31, 2008

07/31/08 - Rejoice, Prayer, Thankfulness

Last night John and I studied 1 Thess. 5:12-22

He pointed out:
16 Rejoice (be glad) always;
17 pray without ceasing;
18 in everything give thanks

He went on to explain that it's hard to have all three: rejoice, prayer and thanks, in everything and all situations.

When things are going well it's easy to rejoice and be thankful, but we may forget prayer because all is running smooth.

If we're walking through a tough situation it may be hard to be thankful. If we have unmet expectations we may have a hard time rejoicing, but we're good at praying for what we want.

It was a good reminder to be glad always, pray continually and have a thankful heart!


Hannah Michelle said...

Hi Heather - I noticed from your comment on Josh Harris's blog that you were at the Rebeluton conference this past Saturday. So was I! It would've been neat to meet you. :) I read your book some years ago and found it refreshing. Maybe our paths will cross again down the road. :)

Heather Paulsen said...


Oh, I wasn't there, I just posted because I get so excited about the Rebelution! I would have LOVED to have been there and hope to make it next year.


Hannah Michelle said...

Heather - Oh, okay! I guess I didn't pick up on that part. At least I didn't miss you then! I do hope you can make it next year. This was my second year going and it was another great experience. :)

Oops. I just reread my other comment...I do know how to spell "Rebelution". ha.

Glad you enjoyed the video! Once we started I thought "Oh dear, this was a bad idea!" because I got sooo lost! We had fun. :)

Brooke said...

What a great reminder! I have never really thought of it that way before either. Thanks for sharing!