Monday, July 28, 2008

07/28/08/ Seasons

Yesterday, as I was walking through the halls of our church I walked past a young man who recently graduated high school. I stopped and asked him, "Is it weird to not be at high school camp this week?" (High school camp just started yesterday.)

His response, "Yes, I was just thinking how it's strange to not be on the bus on my way to camp."

As I walked away from that brief conversation I thought of the seasons of life. I remember when I start high school it felt like college was forever away. Then as I graduated high school those four years of college seemed long! But they also flew by.

Life is marked by seasons: tough seasons, enjoyable seasons, seasons you wish lasted longer, season you wish were shorter. All of us have seasons. It may feel like your season won't change, but it will!

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The Alexander Family said...

This is a VERY encouraging reminder, as our family is in a very hard and stressful season right now. I really needed to read this today. Thanks so much for sharing, Heather.

In Christ,

Meredith (I'm logged in to my family's account and in the middle of posting an entry at the family blog so I can't log in to my own account...)