Tuesday, July 22, 2008

07/22/08 - "They need to hear this!"

Have you ever heard a really great message and thought, "Wow, so-and-so needs to hear this!"?

Last night my husband and I were talking about the message we heard at Sunday school and each of us had a "don't you know who should have heard this message" attitude. He mentioned one person and I mentioned another part of the message and another person.

Then he said, "Why do we always see what others need to hear and not ourselves? When do we hear what we need to hear?"

My response was that we all have a "plank in the eye" problem.

Do you do that? Do you hear or read something and instantly think of this being a message for someone else? You think: if only they heard this their life would be so much better!

After our conversation John prayed that we would be people who would hear what we need to hear! To listen to a message, sermon, or DVD and think of our own lives and change in ourselves and let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit in other people's lives!

Oh pride is a nasty thing isn't it?!?


Brooke said...

Oh, how convicting! I do that all the time and I know it is an ugly thing. I need to be looking at myself not pointing fingers at other people...

Thanks for sharing this. I needed it.


simplysanctified said...

What a good reminder. It's often too easy to look at others and their problems instead of taking a deep look into my own heart. May I cry, "Search ME, O God!"