Saturday, July 12, 2008

07/12/08 - Happy 5 Years


We both look so much younger (and thinner)!
Running off to our new lives!

5 Years ago today I married John Patenaude! All glory to Him!
I have to say the first year we were married, we'd hear all the time, "Just wait, it gets rough!" or "Just wait till the real John shows up."

Well, five years later, we're both still waiting!

Marriage is a wonderful blessing and it has only become so much better over time! I can't believe God gave me John and gave me such an amazing marriage! It's all because of Him!


Brooke said...

Congratulations!! Praise God for all He does :-)


Meredith Ivy said...

Congratulations! Your courtship story and marriage are such an encouragement!

Carlina said...

Heather, I have to tell you thank you for your book. The Holy Spirit brought it to me at just the right time almost 2 years ago as I was trying MY hardest to tear away from an "undefined" emotional relationship. I remembered your book tonight as I was reflecting on how God changed that relationship and restling with a growing burden I have for the teenage girls in my church! It was as I was praying for them that I remembered "Emotional Purity," and had to go searching my bookshelf for it.

The bookjacket notest about how the book serves to "sensitize" the readers' hearts to meaning of "above all else guard you heart" really sums it up! Now looking back, I'm able to see how it was the start of many things God used to do that for me, and it's my prayer for other young women (and their parents) who I know.

Thank you. Thank you. It was a great blessing! And how neat it was for me tonight to google your name and find your blog! Then to come to it and see you're married! And celebrating a big anniversary! How faithful God is! I'm thanking Him for the magnificent testimony He's give us in you!

Bless you, sister!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Heather! May there be many,many more to come!

ladyakofa said...

Many more happy days to come for you and your hubby!

Kristin said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary!

pearlsanddiamonds said...

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! Blessings in Christ! Abigail

Hannah said...

I'm sorry this comment is so late--but congratulations!