Friday, July 11, 2008

07/11/08 - Misc.

Well, just an update on the computer front! In the five years we've been married we've blown through two laptops! We decided to try a desktop. So last night John ordered one! Hopefully, we'll be up and running next week.

For now, I am again at my mom's! Thanks mom!


I received these two questions from the post two days ago:

"How can you get satisfied with him alone?"

"Heather, What John Piper books would you recommend for reading?"

I'll start with the easy one!

The John Piper books I'd recommend would be: Don't Waste Your Life, When I Don't Desire God, Desiring God, and Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Of course there are more, but these are some of my top choices.

John Piper is all about free downloads and you can read: Don't Waste Your Life, on line for free! Click HERE!

I am currently reading: When I Don't Desire God

The other two books are more of a "meaty", but worthwhile read!

You can also listen to his sermons on line. I would also recommend: The Blazing Center DVD series!

On to the second question: How do we find satisfaction in Him alone?

This is, I believe, our struggle with the flesh and spirit. We desire things, relationships, power, name it...and we think we deserve it. In reality we don't deserve anything but punishment for our sins.

So we desire these earthy things and they cloud our vision of our standing before God, Jesus' sacrifice, and our response to Him because of those things.

I would also recommend Don't Waste Your Life for you to read.

I am still learning how to be totally satisfied with God alone! It's a life long process, but worth every bit of energy!

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