Friday, July 4, 2008

07/04/08 - Desire and Trust

Thanks for the questions, keep them coming!

"How do we know/trust that God does have a spouse in mind for us? What is the model for living as an emotionally pure single....forever? Would He give us such a strong desire to be married if it were not to happen, when it is something that could be used for His glory? How do we know when we are in the "right" relationship?

I am beginning to feel like all my friends are married and or dating (I´m 23) and having a hard time explaining what being "emotionally pure" means, or how it fits into today´s world!

Does any of this make sense?"

Forever...what a daunting word when your single! Is anything forever, beside eternity? Life is full of seasons, now if marriage is part of your life plan or not, I can't say.

But what I can say is that when you delight yourself in the Lord (this means wanting His will for your life, no matter what) He will give (place or bestow and then grant) you the desires of your heart! (Ps. 37:4)

I do believe that the desire to get married can be from God or from a selfish insecurity. You'll have to ask God to revel which it is. If it is the first, then you can just trust that He is not a meany!

What does it mean to walk in emotional purity during those single years? Faithfully walking with the Lord. Trusting in His good plan for your life and pursing Him with your whole heart. When you're doing this, sure you may have the desire to get married, but you know that you desire Him more than marriage.

As you walk closely with the Lord, as you learn to hear how He communicates with you, I believe He'll make it clear when He brings the "right" relationship along! For me personally, learning how God "talked" to me, helped confirm my relationship with John. There were no doubts!!

Yes, emotional purity in this culture is so backwards! Remember you don't have to explain yourself to anyone but God! Make sure you're pleasing God above all else and let Him defend your desire for purity!

Hope this helps!

Happy 4th of July!


Micaela said...

To whoever wrote that question: Thanks...and don't worry your not the only one who struggles with it. (I'm 26)

Micaela said...

oh and Heather: why do you call a desire to get married a selfish insecurity?

Heather Paulsen said...

I said that the desire can come from a place of selfish insecurity!

Holly said...

GREAT post! I love all of it.

Ile said...

Thanks for your posts, Heather. They are helpful from the practical point of view. However, this purity at each level, spiritual, emotional, physical, should be included into Christian discipleship and Christian formation (spiritual maturity). It's strange how Christian ladies are "obsessed" with getting married, saying that this desires comes from God, and not "obsessed" with what the Bible has to say about life itself and "living for the Kingdrom". Personally, I consider this desire to get married unhealthy -it's way out of proportion. I am 31 years old and I am happy with my Lord just the way I am: I am making disciples, growing in faith and spiritual maturity. If someday I will have also a husband to love and serve, that will be wonderful, and change my ministry.If not, I am baring fruits for the Kingdom anyway, so...married or unmarried I serve the Lord!
Ya, you are right: nothing is "forever" except God and life with Him. So, let's focus on that !