Friday, June 27, 2008

07/27/08 - Pulled

I received this very honest question from a blog reader:

"What do I do in this season when I feel like I'm being pulled in opposite directions? I really want to remain emotionally pure, yet I feel like I'm absolutely dying for a guy to notice me and to like me."

Ah, yes, that natural desire to have the attention and affection of a young man and the deep desire to please the Lord and remain emotionally pure. I wish I could offer some easy, 1, 2, 3 solution, but I can't!

What I can offer is a reminder to think long term. As much as our society thinks in the moment, in order to make an attempt end this pulled feeling, think about the future. Know that the Lord is using this time in your life to grow you and to draw close to you.

Know that (chances are) someday you'll have all the attention from your husband and it will be very satisfying. Think about your husband: do you want some other girl longing for his attention? No, you want him to save all that for you! You want to know that his heart was kept pure for you and for you alone!

I know that there are moments in which you just want to throw in the towel and just satisfy your flesh a little ("I mean what harm is there in a little flirting, right?" one may justify), but stay the course. Focus on the Lord...moment by moment! Keep His eternal perspective ever mindful.

My one regret: not waiting more patiently for John! Just remember it's completely worth the wait!!


Meredith Ivy said...

Thank you so much for your encouraging reminder, Heather~

I go through seasons of struggling SO much in this area, but your book and blog have helped to reaffirm my commitment to emotional purity and have encouraged me to keep waiting for the Lord's best.

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Brooke said...

I think every female needs reminders as these...Thank you!


Rachel said...

I wanted you to know I needed that! Thanks sooo much for the wonderful reminder. I am struggling right now with trusting that I am doing the right thing waiting for the Lord's best.

Lea said...

Can I ask a question: It was recently said by a friend that there was nothing in the eyes of the girl that he was interested in. I think he means by that no interest. If a girl is guarding her heart and trying to be emotionally pure and the guy hasn't proclaimed himself and said what his intentions are.... do you think an interest would show in her eyes or should show? I am thinking that it won't necessarily because she hasn't given herself permission to because she is guarding her heart and her emotions and can't. Can you give me some input?