Wednesday, June 25, 2008

06/25/08 - Home again

Ah, vacation was wonderful!

We visited the zoo...three times, played at the park too many times to count, spent countless hours outside: walking, playing in water buckets, playing games, doing craft. We also enjoyed some great seminars from Steve Demme and Norm Wakefield (both of these godly men offer their seminars for free on their sites!)

God gave us PERFECT weather! Not too hot, not too humid, but perfect. Each day (beside a one hour rainfall on Sunday), we had beautiful blue sky with big, puffy white clouds. was just amazing.

John and I were so grateful for a week away with our boys. To just relax and unwind. To have quiet moments to talk and bond as a family. We are thankful for the yearly family vacation God has allowed us to have.

Now back to real life!!

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