Monday, June 16, 2008

06/16/08 - More Questions

How did you "make your thoughts obedient to Christ"? What kinds of strategies, techniques did you try and or would you recommend? Could you describe this process more, please?

I prayed and asked God to make me very aware of my thoughts. I began to take note of what I was thinking and as He began to make me aware I could stop the thought and pray.

Again, I memorized scripture and used it to fight the mental battle! I got into the Word and used it as a Sword to tear down those unhealthy thoughts.

It takes an honest look at your thought life. If you've never jotted down your thoughts through out the day, I'd suggest that. Just keep a notebook with you for a day or two. See what you think about. Once you are more aware, it does make it somewhat easier to stop thinking about it.

Hope that helps!

What about daydreams about your sweetheart when you are in a relationship? :) Are all of those "Safe" and "good" or is there a line that needs to be drawn there, too?

People ask me all the time what is "okay" within the boundaries of a committed relationship. But I believe that each couple has to look to the Holy Spirit to guide and lead during a relationship. Kissing, holding hands, conversations, daydreaming....all have to directed by the Holy Spirit.

Sorry to be so vague, I just don't believe I can give any list of do's and don'ts in a relationship!

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