Friday, June 13, 2008

06/13/08 - What Women Do (Part 4)

The last area I want to look at, before I get to all your wonderful questions is the concept of emotional fantasies.

Now this is very close to the idea of over thinking or over analyzing, but it would be more along the idea of having daydreams about having that emotional tank filled.

Each of us desired to be filled emotionally. To feel that emotional closeness with someone. Now we all come with our own set of emotional filter (how we accept and give emotions) and this can skew our desire for emotional closeness.

The way that emotional fantasies would manifest themselves in my life when I was single, was in imagery conversations. I'd have long, he'd say, I'd say, then he'd say, then I'd make a joke, then he'd laugh conversations in my head. I go on and on with an entire conversation with a guy I liked.

In my life I feel most emotionally satisfied with my husband after we've had a nice conversation, I love quality time and that normally mean a good conversation. So when I was single I struggled with desiring this emotionally connection with a guy and because of this desire I'd have these conversations in my head, in some weird attempt to fill that tank. Make sense?

Anyway, when God began working on my heart I would take captive my thoughts and make them obedient to Christ! It took work, but it helped me save so much mental energy!

I hope you've enjoyed this weeks posts! Now on to the questions!


RMS said...

How did you "make your thoughts obedient to Christ"? What kinds of strategies, techniques did you try and or would you recommend? Could you describe this process more, please?

Noelle said...

What about daydreams about your sweetheart when you are in a relationship? :) Are all of those "Safe" and "good" or is there a line that needs to be drawn there, too?

Anonymous said...

I do that too. Everyday. But I try to make them obedient to Christ by talking to him, praying for the guy, and my future husband insteading having a fake convo with him.