Tuesday, May 27, 2008

05/27/08 - Rebekah Hall

Today I want to share another interview with Rebekah Hall. (I highly recommend you check out her blog! She is very insightful!)

Rebekah and I go to church together and in the last 8 months our friendship has blossomed, although we've know each other for 6 years. Rebekah seeks God's Word with all her energy and pours much energy into knowing His heart. Enjoy her interview!


Name: Rebekah Hall
Age: 27
Occupation: Academic Librarian

Share with us about these years of being single, what are you doing to fully enjoy them, relish this season?

Reading the word, getting involved in my church community, trying new things, participating in some things that rejuvenate me (took a seminary class, taking ballet), spending time nurturing relationships with good friends, pausing to reflect periodically on what the Lord has been doing in my life.

When did you make this commitment to remain emotionally pure for your husband?

A few years ago. It was a gradual shift in thinking and then living that was prompted by Heather's book, painful experiences of being too open with men who weren't willing to commit, listening to a close friend's story about courtship, and reading Choosing God's Best (which, by the way, I don't wholly agree with, but I respect many of Raunikar's principles/motives).

How does emotional purity fit into your life?

I examine my motives around men often. I consider carefully the way I treat them, what I say and do, how I carry myself, and how I dress. On occasions when I become interested in a guy, I pray about it a lot and I seek His guidance. God has responded very clearly when I have sought his counsel.

You are committed to remaining emotionally pure for your husband, what struggles do you find yourself having during this season of waiting and being single?

I have experienced periods of doubt that God will provide a husband and great sadness that I may not have a family of my own. I fear that too few men what a woman like me or will initiate a relationship. I have thought a lot (and prayed a ton) about the kind of man that I would like to marry and the kind of wife I want to be for him. There have been times where I've wrestled with unbelief that God would have a man for me that would be so honorable and respectable as the one I've asked for all these years.

What encourages you on this path during this season of being single?

Testimonies of God's faithfulness, assurance that God is active in my life/He notices me, He hears me (read Leah's story in Genesis), Christian biographies, stories of how the Lord has provided for women in Scripture, hymns and spiritual songs, friendships.

1 Cor 7:35 states that the unmarried woman is to be fully devoted to the Lord during her season of singleness, how do you incorporate your faith in your line of work?

Prayer about my attitude in my job and for the people I work with. I have a desire to conduct myself with integrity and servanthood. I consciously choose to submit to my boss even when I don't agree or feel discouraged about my role. I have learned to put the needs of my job before my personal aspirations for work. I recognize that my work is not supposed to fill me; Christ is.

How would you like to encourage others to really enjoy being single?

Get to know the Lord (read His Word!), discover who you are, seek solid friendships, spend time with people who are walking through different stages of life than you are, use a portion of your time, talent, and resources to offer something to others, take time to do things that build you up.


Narelle Worboys said...

Well said, Rebekah! Very honest, very practical.

ScribblinScribe said...

Thanks for a great interview with Rebekah! Truly encouraging!