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05/21/08 - Sarah Barlow (Part 3)

This is my third and last part of my interview with Sarah Barlow.


What encourages you on this path during this season of being single?

My family and a lot of my friends have been HUGE supports, I have NO clue what I would have done the past couple years without my parents...I think I would be a wreck! Number one though would my relationship with God.....He has been drawing me SO close to Himself the past couple years that sometimes I just cry at how wonderful and faithful He is! We truly are best friends! He always speaks to me just the right thing I need to hear at the right time so no matter how rough things get He has just the perfect thing to say to make it wonderful again! Basically our relationship has become so fulfilling that I tell people sometimes it's like He just gave me a bouquet of flowers!! He does so many things for me constantly that I haven't even asked for or anything that I just go...."God! I didn't even ask for that...YOU are just so wonderful!" He brings such joy! I feel so cheesy saying this but it's so true...

Becoming more and more intimate with Him have far lessened the worlds pull and even such the need for a relationship right now! It's pretty amazing!

1 Cor 7:35 states that the unmarried woman is to be fully devoted to the Lord during her season of singleness, how do you incorporate your faith in your line of work?

That is a really good question!! Well I actually have it pretty easy because I think about 75% of the wedding photographers I've met are Christians so a lot of people are fairly open about their faith which is amazing! God is really doing something in my industry...I still was, when I first started out, shy about talking too much about Jesus and my relationship with Him. The more that I would post about my relationship with Him and how amazing He is the more people would write me and thank me for doing it so it definitely grew up a boldness in me to not back down! So now I'm pretty passionate about not holding back at all! Basically instead of having a ministry blog and a photography blog I have both if the prospective clients don't like that then they can go somewhere else!! A lot of clients have been drawn to me because of my stand on my blog! So God is faithful and my business has never lacked a bit because of my stand of faith! :)

How would you like to encourage others to really enjoy being single?

I would encourage you really find your purpose and why God created you and pursue it to the FULL!! Even if you only know a small part of what God has for you just pursue that!! I always say to take baby steps because those will then lead to bigger steps!! You always have to take the little steps first! :) I firmly believe that without a vision people run wild, like it says in the Bible! I have seen that soooo much that a lot of my friends have just gone crazy living life just for the moment they are in rather than looking at the bigger picture and saying...NO I'm not going to do this because this will take me off track on where I'm headed! SO finding out your vision and purpose and writing it down....then taking the baby steps to accomplishing it by TAKING ACTION. You will become so incredibly fulfilled when God starts opening door after door of opportunity for you when you are in His perfect will! I don't think us sitting around waiting for our husbands or wives to come is God's perfect will;)

Any other thoughts you'd like to share!

That I will be writing a book soon because I always have tooo much to say! ha!! Basically live THIS life to the full and be so satisfied where you are at and in your relationship with God NOW! Also, to value yourself so highly! God has created only one you and only one purpose on this earth that only YOU can do as perfect!! So he has THE perfect mate for you too to work along side of you to really CHANGE THE WORLD together!

Thanks Sarah! Look for more interviews from some other single women!

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