Tuesday, May 20, 2008

05/20/08 - Sarah Barlow (Part 2)

Here's part two of my interview with Sarah Barlow.


When did you make this commitment to remain emotionally pure for your husband?

I don’t know the specific time….I was always raised with my cousins (BarlowGirl) having their stand for not casual dating and waiting for the right one….but eventually it became my own! I definitely haven’t remained “emotionally pure” and have accidentally led guys on in the past that I regret…it never went anywhere because I cut it off before we even got into a “relationship” but I know now that I have to protect my guy friends hearts and not just let anyone in! I've just recently been reading "Emotional Purity" and God is opening my eyes more and more where I need to guard my heart...so I would have to say my commitment to it has been a slow but good process:)

How does emotional purity fit into your life?

I definitely have an understanding with most of my close guy friends that we are just friends and there is no attraction there....which is absolutely wonderful to have a bunch of older brother type friends who I can "safely" hang out with without worrying about feelings! It's amazing! My parents always have helped me keep a check on how close I get to a guy too which is wonderful because they always see it from a non-emotional stance! We have such an awesome relationship even just from having sooooo many talks about boys! ha! Fun times!

Also, one thing that I was thinking about a couple weeks ago that really opened my eyes is that sooo many of us Christian's are committed to physical purity....but why so little to emotional purity in keeping all of our hearts? Our hearts our even more precious than our bodies! Why are we so loose in giving that away?

You are committed to remaining emotionally pure for your husband, what struggles do you find having during this season of waiting and being single?

Well I would have to say my number one struggle would be having toooo much fun! lol! Sometimes I scare myself because I've really come to being so content...probably because I'm too busy to even think about boys right now...who knows? :) But seriously though...I have a very similar story to Tracy and Mike in the book and have fallen into that trap and it does hurt! I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes in that I have a hard time NOT sharing things...but I always have to make sure I keep a check on my motives and keep guarding my heart! I know though that God has such incredible plans as far as my husband goes that if I get in the way I could totally mess things up! So right now I can completely focus on my relationship with God and become so satisfied in Him so that really nothing else matters!

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