Saturday, May 17, 2008

05/17/08 - Dirty Feet

My feet were filthy! I mean filthy dirty from raking my front, dirt lawn in a pair of Crocs!

I went right up to the shower and scrubbed my feet! (Now you're all asking, "Why is she telling us about her dirty feet!?!")

As I was washing away the dirt from being outside this morning I thought of Jesus in the upper room. My feet were dirty from a couple of hours outside raking and finishing up my garage sale, but the disciples...well who knows how long it had been since their feet had been scrubbed clean!

Yet, our Savior washed the feet of these 12 ordinary men. He bent down and cleaned non-pedicured, rough, dirty, smelly feet!

Who's feet have you been washing? Do you only choose "clean feet" to wash? You know, serve where your comfortable and not inconvenienced? Or do you choose to roll up your sleeves and clean "dirty feet"? Do you move outside of your comfort zone to serve God's people?

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simplysanctified said...

What a great reminder - to serve others even on the "low" road - this is where true humility is revealed!