Friday, May 16, 2008

05/16/08 Misc.

This is the first chance since my last post that I've a had a moment on the computer! (This is rare for me ;-) )

My garage sale has kept me busy, but has been well worth it. God has supplied all our needs and the money I've made thus far, is what we budgeted for our summer vacation! YIPPEE!

My bathroom will be functioning before the end of today! YIPPEE!

Someone asked in the "Question" post: What type of music do I listen to?

These days it is mostly Sunday School CD's in the van. But I enjoy Kari Jobe, BarlowGirl, Michael Card, Fernando Ortaga, and general praise and worship.

Back in my college days, however, I enjoyed country music, pop music, and big band. I found however I don't desire noise when I have a chance for peace, thus I mostly listen to Christian music when I get a chance.

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