Tuesday, May 13, 2008

05/12/08 - Fully Trusting

Tonight as I surf around the net, I read some of my favorite blogs and there is one I have been following for awhile: Audrey Caroline. Every time I read Angie's blogs I weep...I should just have a rule to bring my Kleenex when I open her site!

I sit here with my own thoughts about what this amazing woman has walked through. Not only her, but her friend Sara. Both of these women have given birth to beautiful babies who were taken by God in the first hour or two of their life.

Angie surprised Sara at her son's memorial service this past weekend (Yes, Mother's Day weekend). Angie tells how she watched Sara's husband, Brandon, singing, "It is well with my soul" standing, arms raised to heaven, with tears rolling down his cheek.

Just pause and get this mental image in your head. This man is burying his son...his baby son. In the midst of the enormous pain and loss this man responds to God in praise: arms raised and singing: "It is well Lord, it is well with my soul, what You've done causes me to say 'It is well with my soul'."

My heart just ponders that response to our God! What a blessing to "watch" a fellow brother in the Lord trust God so deeply, so passionately, and so completely. Do you think if you lost something so precious you'd respond to God with such trust? How I pray this faith for each of us!

God bless you Sara and Angie!


julie said...

It seems foolish and unnecessarily hurtful to hope against an inevitable loss, lull oneself into believing the situation might turn out differently. Having that hope dashed leaves one with a double burden of grief. This is one lesson I've learned in my relatively short life.

Anonymous said...

I can really relate to what Sara and her husband felt...this past December,I experienced such a loss. My cousin Jacob was only one day away from being four months old when he suddenly died on Christmas day. I spent new years eve packing up his things. While the rest of the world was rejoicing, I was weeping, mourning our loss. It was and is, a real challenge to worship God and praise him not just in song, but in every aspect of my life. This had been a hard journey, and there are some things I will never understand on this earth, but I WILL STILL PRAISE HIS NAME. Our God is FAITHFUL, TRUE and JUST. And His GOODNESS exceeds all time, trials, sorrows, tears, and pain.

Blessed be His name!

Anonymous said...

This is a poem I wrote, shortly before my family experienced its own loss of a little one...

When the weight of sorrow
Finds me on my knees
And I cannot feel you
Holding on to me

I will dance in Your prescence
Raise my hands up high
You are worthy of all my praises
I will dance and I will sing
I will love and not be afraid
Before You, my God and my King

Looking at the heavens
I feel the weight
The world on my shoulders
But I'll still praise you

Even when you
Take away
And I cannot
See your face