Saturday, May 10, 2008

05/10/08 - Croatian Emotional Purity

This is amazing friend from Croatia. She is standing in front of the Emotional Purity booth at the young people event two weeks ago. Yes, that is the Croatian cover of Emotional Purity...crazy huh?

I ask that you pray for Marjia as she continues to get the message of emotional purity into the hands of the young people in her area. She paid (yes, out of her own about dedication to this message) for 1,000 copies of Emotional Purity! Please pray that she is able to recover all her expenses. Also, pray for her and her husband as they begin their own publishing company in Croatia.

Below is an e-mail she sent me about the conference and other things:

"Conference. Well, it was great. I wasn’t all the time inside (where the program was) but they told me it was really good for young people. Also, that was historical happening: young people from countries that were in war came together to worship Jesus in the very center of the capital of Croatia!!!

Also, we had a big concert (Anthony Skinner from USA) at the very main square in Zagreb. This was for the first time in history that new born Christians had this opportunity. Also, during the day there were 3 spots in town (on very frequent positions) where there were worship, testimonies and witnessing going for 2 hours for 2 days. I think this was strategic happening and also that it motivated youth from all of those countries to be more active and bold and on fire for Jesus.

This is just beginning; we plan to have such conferences in a future.

Concerning the book: I had really nice stand and on a good position. People were buying it and were interested in what it said. Most of those who heard what it talks about bought it. But the sale wasn’t like I hopped. I covered ¼ of printing price with it. But I believe it needs time for the word to spread out. I expect there will be more orders, and also I’m planning some advertisement campaign. I will write to pastors of different churches and will describe the content and advise them to inform the youth in their church about it. Also, there will be some advertisement in Christian magazines.

Anyway, this is still thing for the prayer. Please, pray for the book to spread over those countries, and also that I would get the money to cover the print (which is quiet high, about little less than $3000.). thanx.

Well, this is for now. You can see in attachment the photo of the stand and advertisement for the book."

Marjia...we are praying for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your faith, your boldness, and your willingness to partner with me in this ministry! God bless you!

(You're welcome to leave comments for Marjia...I will direct her to them!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather and Marjia,

It's really exciting to see how God is leading with this ministry!May God continue to guide and bless!

Praying for your ministry,