Friday, May 9, 2008

05/09/08 - The Answers

I received two questions:

"Is it hard to raise boys, when you grew up with sisters?"

I love having boys! Although it does make me wish I had brothers. It has been more of a challenge, I believe, not growing up with brothers. However, being married to a man, who used to be a boy, helps greatly in giving me perspective and a general understanding of boys.

More than anything I feel a sense of responsibility to raise my sons to be men who stand up for what they believe in, have high morals, are warriors for God's kingdom, know what it means to love and protect a wife and children, know how to hear from God and respond in obedience, and finally know how to rise above the standard of this world.

Before we had Miles, John and I went to a "Raising Boys" seminar at our church (we didn't know what we were having). That was the beginning of my quest in learning about raising sons.

I've read a couple of books on raising boys that have helped:

Preparing Him for the Other Woman, A Mother's Guide to Rising Raising her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family

That's My Son: How a Mom can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character

Now I will admit that when I was growing up I thought I have all daughters, so having boys has been more of a challenge, but God has used it to grow me and causes me to rely on Him more.


"When did you first sense that the Lord had laid this message of emotional purity on your heart to share with women (and men)?"

This question relates to the first one. I started writing my book as a journal to my future children. I was in my early 20's and thought my daughters would enjoy peering into their mom's past! (Again this was when I thought I have all girls! ;-) )

As I wrote I realized that there was a desperate need for this message of emotional purity to infiltrate the church. In the last 7 years that I have spoken about emotional purity, I realize the depth of this need to understand this concept.

I don't remember a "light bulb" moment when God clearly laid this on my heart, but I see how He prepared me for this for years before it came to fruition!

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