Friday, May 30, 2008

05/30/08 - Standard

I've written about this topic before, but as I read through Norm Wakefield's articles on the "Curse of the Standard Bearer", I am reminded again of our deep need to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit and our call as believers to not be the "Holy Spirit" in other people's lives.

I personally know families that have been torn apart by someone not living up to the standard of another family member. It's heartbreaking!

We may have the conviction of courtship, remaining emotionally pure, dressing modestly, reading only the KJV, homeschooling, certain type of music, no Sunday School...etc...the list is endless, and it is NOT our responsibility to convict other people of the same convictions we have! We must trust the Holy Spirit to move in the life of God's children.

We must fight to not "look down" at others who may not "do" what we "do". (I am talking about the non-essentials of the faith, here! For example, if you date or don't date your salvation is not resting on that conviction!)

A few years ago I spoke at a college and when I was sitting at my table, after my talk, there was this girl talking rather loudly across the room. I could tell that she was offering a ride to a fellow male college student. She said, very loudly and very sarcastically, "I don't know if I can take you. We may not be emotionally pure!"

As I sat there I wanted to say, "Listen sweetie (okay this would not have been a finer moment for me) I am not the emotional purity police! You are in charge of being right before God and letting Him convict you of what you can and can not do with men in your life!"

Thankfully, I kept my big mouth shut. But, in this ministry, there have been many times people have assumed that I am sitting around keeping people "in check". Who has time for that!?! What I am doing, is praying that God will use this message to bring people closer to Him and however that looks is between them and the Lord.

I pray today that you are removing any judgement you may have on someone who may not be doing the things you'd like them to do and trust that God's spirit will move in their lives, at His pace! Let's not let our conviction put walls between us and other people!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

05/29/08 - William Tyndale

Last night I listened to John Piper's message about William Tyndale. He is the man who translated the bible into English. This message is very interesting and after listening to it my husband and I both said, "I had no idea the whole story of William Tyndale."

The more I know about the history of the Word of God the more I thank God for it.

Please take some time and listen to this message about William Tyndale.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

05/28/08 - Standard Bearer

Norm Wakefield, speaker, author and founder of Elijah Ministries, has written a series of articles called: The Curse of the Standard Bearer.

I find these articles so refreshing and hope you take some time to read them. Here's just a short snipped from the first of the six part series:

"Standard Bearers?

Who are the Standard Bearers, and why such a strange descriptive title? I use the term standard because sincere, religious people usually have many standards they consider important to secure significance, praise, and reputation before God and man. Everyone has some standards they practice, but the issue in this article is the level of importance and significance people place on those standards.

I use the term bearers because that is the image they bear to others: Living by certain standards is a true sign of righteousness and spiritual maturity. Others often think of them as almost perfect or Christ-like in their talk and appearance being impressed with the way they live for Jesus. But there is a subtle, yet significant difference between someone living for Jesus and Jesus living in them. Unfortunately, the emphasis of a Standard Bearer rests on the standards rather than relationship.

Standard Bearers have an inconsistent application of God's character toward His creatures. For instance, when trying to convince a non-standard bearer of his need to change, they communicate that God is very stern. Yet when they deal with their own sin, they apply the view that God is forgiving and gracious. There's a disconnect between how they think God sees the sins of others not like them and how He sees their sin. "

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

05/27/08 - Rebekah Hall

Today I want to share another interview with Rebekah Hall. (I highly recommend you check out her blog! She is very insightful!)

Rebekah and I go to church together and in the last 8 months our friendship has blossomed, although we've know each other for 6 years. Rebekah seeks God's Word with all her energy and pours much energy into knowing His heart. Enjoy her interview!


Name: Rebekah Hall
Age: 27
Occupation: Academic Librarian

Share with us about these years of being single, what are you doing to fully enjoy them, relish this season?

Reading the word, getting involved in my church community, trying new things, participating in some things that rejuvenate me (took a seminary class, taking ballet), spending time nurturing relationships with good friends, pausing to reflect periodically on what the Lord has been doing in my life.

When did you make this commitment to remain emotionally pure for your husband?

A few years ago. It was a gradual shift in thinking and then living that was prompted by Heather's book, painful experiences of being too open with men who weren't willing to commit, listening to a close friend's story about courtship, and reading Choosing God's Best (which, by the way, I don't wholly agree with, but I respect many of Raunikar's principles/motives).

How does emotional purity fit into your life?

I examine my motives around men often. I consider carefully the way I treat them, what I say and do, how I carry myself, and how I dress. On occasions when I become interested in a guy, I pray about it a lot and I seek His guidance. God has responded very clearly when I have sought his counsel.

You are committed to remaining emotionally pure for your husband, what struggles do you find yourself having during this season of waiting and being single?

I have experienced periods of doubt that God will provide a husband and great sadness that I may not have a family of my own. I fear that too few men what a woman like me or will initiate a relationship. I have thought a lot (and prayed a ton) about the kind of man that I would like to marry and the kind of wife I want to be for him. There have been times where I've wrestled with unbelief that God would have a man for me that would be so honorable and respectable as the one I've asked for all these years.

What encourages you on this path during this season of being single?

Testimonies of God's faithfulness, assurance that God is active in my life/He notices me, He hears me (read Leah's story in Genesis), Christian biographies, stories of how the Lord has provided for women in Scripture, hymns and spiritual songs, friendships.

1 Cor 7:35 states that the unmarried woman is to be fully devoted to the Lord during her season of singleness, how do you incorporate your faith in your line of work?

Prayer about my attitude in my job and for the people I work with. I have a desire to conduct myself with integrity and servanthood. I consciously choose to submit to my boss even when I don't agree or feel discouraged about my role. I have learned to put the needs of my job before my personal aspirations for work. I recognize that my work is not supposed to fill me; Christ is.

How would you like to encourage others to really enjoy being single?

Get to know the Lord (read His Word!), discover who you are, seek solid friendships, spend time with people who are walking through different stages of life than you are, use a portion of your time, talent, and resources to offer something to others, take time to do things that build you up.

Friday, May 23, 2008

05/23/08 - Joy in trials

This week I've started a 16 week study of the book of James. (If your interested in joining me, e-mail me at and I will send you the e-mail with the studies included. I am doing them along with Shannon Primicerio on line.)

Wednesday afternoon I read James 1:1-8 and the question was to share what verse(s) jumped out at you. These verses (2-5) jumped out at me: "Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

When asked to explain why those verses jumped out at me, I wrote: Because having PURE joy in a trial is completely counter cultural.

Then I heard about the Steven Curtis Chapman's family and the tragic death of their daughter. As I was talking to my brother-in-law about it I said, "I can't even wrap my mind around what I'd feel or how to even begin to process a loss such as that."

Then I was reminded of "Consider it pure joy...whenever you face trials." does one do that? Only through God's grace, love, and having an eternal perspective, knowing that God is the same Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon, and today. He is unchanging.

I am not suggesting how the Chapman's are to walk through a season such as this, I just know that my deep desire is to face any trial the Lord sends my way with full assurance that He is in control and although I may be deeply disappointed, sad, unbearable grief filled, I will know He is the same and loves me just the same.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

05/21/08 - Sarah Barlow (Part 3)

This is my third and last part of my interview with Sarah Barlow.


What encourages you on this path during this season of being single?

My family and a lot of my friends have been HUGE supports, I have NO clue what I would have done the past couple years without my parents...I think I would be a wreck! Number one though would my relationship with God.....He has been drawing me SO close to Himself the past couple years that sometimes I just cry at how wonderful and faithful He is! We truly are best friends! He always speaks to me just the right thing I need to hear at the right time so no matter how rough things get He has just the perfect thing to say to make it wonderful again! Basically our relationship has become so fulfilling that I tell people sometimes it's like He just gave me a bouquet of flowers!! He does so many things for me constantly that I haven't even asked for or anything that I just go...."God! I didn't even ask for that...YOU are just so wonderful!" He brings such joy! I feel so cheesy saying this but it's so true...

Becoming more and more intimate with Him have far lessened the worlds pull and even such the need for a relationship right now! It's pretty amazing!

1 Cor 7:35 states that the unmarried woman is to be fully devoted to the Lord during her season of singleness, how do you incorporate your faith in your line of work?

That is a really good question!! Well I actually have it pretty easy because I think about 75% of the wedding photographers I've met are Christians so a lot of people are fairly open about their faith which is amazing! God is really doing something in my industry...I still was, when I first started out, shy about talking too much about Jesus and my relationship with Him. The more that I would post about my relationship with Him and how amazing He is the more people would write me and thank me for doing it so it definitely grew up a boldness in me to not back down! So now I'm pretty passionate about not holding back at all! Basically instead of having a ministry blog and a photography blog I have both if the prospective clients don't like that then they can go somewhere else!! A lot of clients have been drawn to me because of my stand on my blog! So God is faithful and my business has never lacked a bit because of my stand of faith! :)

How would you like to encourage others to really enjoy being single?

I would encourage you really find your purpose and why God created you and pursue it to the FULL!! Even if you only know a small part of what God has for you just pursue that!! I always say to take baby steps because those will then lead to bigger steps!! You always have to take the little steps first! :) I firmly believe that without a vision people run wild, like it says in the Bible! I have seen that soooo much that a lot of my friends have just gone crazy living life just for the moment they are in rather than looking at the bigger picture and saying...NO I'm not going to do this because this will take me off track on where I'm headed! SO finding out your vision and purpose and writing it down....then taking the baby steps to accomplishing it by TAKING ACTION. You will become so incredibly fulfilled when God starts opening door after door of opportunity for you when you are in His perfect will! I don't think us sitting around waiting for our husbands or wives to come is God's perfect will;)

Any other thoughts you'd like to share!

That I will be writing a book soon because I always have tooo much to say! ha!! Basically live THIS life to the full and be so satisfied where you are at and in your relationship with God NOW! Also, to value yourself so highly! God has created only one you and only one purpose on this earth that only YOU can do as perfect!! So he has THE perfect mate for you too to work along side of you to really CHANGE THE WORLD together!

Thanks Sarah! Look for more interviews from some other single women!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

05/20/08 - Sarah Barlow (Part 2)

Here's part two of my interview with Sarah Barlow.


When did you make this commitment to remain emotionally pure for your husband?

I don’t know the specific time….I was always raised with my cousins (BarlowGirl) having their stand for not casual dating and waiting for the right one….but eventually it became my own! I definitely haven’t remained “emotionally pure” and have accidentally led guys on in the past that I regret…it never went anywhere because I cut it off before we even got into a “relationship” but I know now that I have to protect my guy friends hearts and not just let anyone in! I've just recently been reading "Emotional Purity" and God is opening my eyes more and more where I need to guard my I would have to say my commitment to it has been a slow but good process:)

How does emotional purity fit into your life?

I definitely have an understanding with most of my close guy friends that we are just friends and there is no attraction there....which is absolutely wonderful to have a bunch of older brother type friends who I can "safely" hang out with without worrying about feelings! It's amazing! My parents always have helped me keep a check on how close I get to a guy too which is wonderful because they always see it from a non-emotional stance! We have such an awesome relationship even just from having sooooo many talks about boys! ha! Fun times!

Also, one thing that I was thinking about a couple weeks ago that really opened my eyes is that sooo many of us Christian's are committed to physical purity....but why so little to emotional purity in keeping all of our hearts? Our hearts our even more precious than our bodies! Why are we so loose in giving that away?

You are committed to remaining emotionally pure for your husband, what struggles do you find having during this season of waiting and being single?

Well I would have to say my number one struggle would be having toooo much fun! lol! Sometimes I scare myself because I've really come to being so content...probably because I'm too busy to even think about boys right now...who knows? :) But seriously though...I have a very similar story to Tracy and Mike in the book and have fallen into that trap and it does hurt! I definitely wear my heart on my sleeve sometimes in that I have a hard time NOT sharing things...but I always have to make sure I keep a check on my motives and keep guarding my heart! I know though that God has such incredible plans as far as my husband goes that if I get in the way I could totally mess things up! So right now I can completely focus on my relationship with God and become so satisfied in Him so that really nothing else matters!

Monday, May 19, 2008

05/19/08 - Sarah Barlow (Part 1)

I am going to spend a couple of days sharing this interview with Sarah Barlow. Sarah is a 20 year old Christian single woman. This will be the first a couple interviews with single women in my life.


Name: Sarah Barlow
Age: 20
Occupation: Photographer, entrepreneur, and dreamer.

Tell us how you became a photographer:
Well….it was completely God!! I was actually going to go into architecture and was TOTALLY headed that way and NOBODY was going to sway me! I was planning on going away to college right when I was 18…well God definitely intervened before that!

My dad sat me down one day and said, “Sarah, what do you really want to do with your life??” at that time I wanted to get married RIGHT THEN…although I don’t think it’s legal though to get married at 15…lol! I replied that I really wanted to be a wife and a mother! He then asked what I had to do to become an architect, so I walked him through the stages…go to college for 5 years, be an intern for a year, then start at the bottom of a firm and work my way up having to work 100 hours a week! By that time I realized I would be about 25 before my life even started and I couldn’t even fathom that! My dad then said that he really thought I had an eye in photography and that he thought I should pursue that! I can’t say that it was overnight that BAM I wanted to be a professional photographer but God really started working on my heart in that direction!
This was when everything started falling into place and God opened sooo many doors!

I got a REALLY sweet internship at a high-profile studio in Chicago just by offering to work for free and then ended up getting payed and hired after 2 weeks. I then met my mentor in wedding photography who is one of the top wedding photographers in the world and he trained me up from the start! After God provided all of these top notch training opportunities he then opened the door for me to do weddings!

I was homeschooled my whole life and my junior year we had a school teacher come in and train us because my mom was so busy. She actually ended up getting engaged and planned to have her wedding at our house! She asked me to shoot the wedding and all I had was my film SLR camera and 5 rolls of film! I studied so much, then shot her wedding, and it turned out that I LOVED it...and everyone actually loved the pictures too! Crazy!

Two months later I was helping one of my friends plan her wedding and it was a higher end wedding so I knew what she was looking for in a photographer and it wasn’t me!! Lol! I helped scout out several photographers for her and called 3 weeks before her wedding to make sure she had booked someone…she then told me that she hadn’t because she really felt like I was supposed to shoot her wedding! I was like you’re crazy!!!! Lol!

After praying about it though I felt like I was supposed to shoot it! So I crammed for 3 weeks on everything photography!

After shooting her wedding I knew that this was what I was supposed to do! I finished up my junior year…which ended up being my senior year also because I had plenty of credits! Photography then became my full time job and business and I’m now going into my 4th year and have shot close to 50 weddings; shot my cousins, BarlowGirl, album cover; just recently shot the Fox Emmy awards party in Beverly Hills; and have been featured in several magazines like CCM and Brides magazine! I've also trained up about 10 interns and am now traveling all over the country and world for weddings and photo shoots! God totally did it because I have no clue how all these opportunities came about especially when I don’t even advertise! All this came from from submitting and surrendering to what God’s plan was for me and not my own!! I couldn’t plan it more perfect!

Wow…and this was the extremely short version!!

Share with us about these years of being single, what are you doing to fully enjoy them, relish this season?

Wow! I can’t even tell you how fulfilling it’s been!! I always told everyone that I wanted to get married when I was 18…like I could actually choose;) I never wanted to consider myself single because I thought every person who was single was lonely and desperate! Well I found it can be completely the opposite! I’m now 20..two years past when I “thought” I would get married and it’s been two of the most incredible years of my life!

My best friend and I were sitting down the other day and she was telling me, “Sarah, I still think that there is more of your single years that you have to exhaust!” How true is that?? These years aren’t meant for us to sit around to wait for a husband! We seriously need to get every ounce of life out of them!! We are only single for a couple years of our lives! Think of that! I really don’t have time to date or even be looking for a guy…because of how much fun I’m having and how satisfying it is!

I’ve been traveling non-stop, starting up workshops, internships, businesses, a young women’s ministry, doing missions work, writing on 9 blogs, shooting weddings and bands, all while living at home and being the oldest of 7 and helping out around there too!

Also….the best is Rotic nights! It equals romantic without the “man” so it’s rotic!! Lol! My girl friends and I get together all the time for movie nights, shopping, a night out on the town in downtown Chicago, so many fun times!! I love it!!

I also have a lot of guy friends that I hang out with so I really don’t need a boyfriend to distract me right now…I know that when it’s God’s timing I will be having so much fun and all of a sudden God will just bring that man right up alongside of me and reveal him!! I won’t have to be on “the hunt!” So I can REALLY focus right now! It’s so exhilarating and freeing!! I highly recommend it!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

05/17/08 - Dirty Feet

My feet were filthy! I mean filthy dirty from raking my front, dirt lawn in a pair of Crocs!

I went right up to the shower and scrubbed my feet! (Now you're all asking, "Why is she telling us about her dirty feet!?!")

As I was washing away the dirt from being outside this morning I thought of Jesus in the upper room. My feet were dirty from a couple of hours outside raking and finishing up my garage sale, but the disciples...well who knows how long it had been since their feet had been scrubbed clean!

Yet, our Savior washed the feet of these 12 ordinary men. He bent down and cleaned non-pedicured, rough, dirty, smelly feet!

Who's feet have you been washing? Do you only choose "clean feet" to wash? You know, serve where your comfortable and not inconvenienced? Or do you choose to roll up your sleeves and clean "dirty feet"? Do you move outside of your comfort zone to serve God's people?

Friday, May 16, 2008

05/16/08 Misc.

This is the first chance since my last post that I've a had a moment on the computer! (This is rare for me ;-) )

My garage sale has kept me busy, but has been well worth it. God has supplied all our needs and the money I've made thus far, is what we budgeted for our summer vacation! YIPPEE!

My bathroom will be functioning before the end of today! YIPPEE!

Someone asked in the "Question" post: What type of music do I listen to?

These days it is mostly Sunday School CD's in the van. But I enjoy Kari Jobe, BarlowGirl, Michael Card, Fernando Ortaga, and general praise and worship.

Back in my college days, however, I enjoyed country music, pop music, and big band. I found however I don't desire noise when I have a chance for peace, thus I mostly listen to Christian music when I get a chance.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

05/14/08 Garage sale and home repairs

Right now I have:
  • A front porch jam packed of items for my garage sale starting tomorrow.
  • A two foot by four foot hole in my bathroom floor!
  • A hard working husband to get my bathroom functioning again.
  • A son who is crying who should be sleeping!
  • A tired body thinking I got up too early and have too much to do today!
The joys of real life!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

05/12/08 - Fully Trusting

Tonight as I surf around the net, I read some of my favorite blogs and there is one I have been following for awhile: Audrey Caroline. Every time I read Angie's blogs I weep...I should just have a rule to bring my Kleenex when I open her site!

I sit here with my own thoughts about what this amazing woman has walked through. Not only her, but her friend Sara. Both of these women have given birth to beautiful babies who were taken by God in the first hour or two of their life.

Angie surprised Sara at her son's memorial service this past weekend (Yes, Mother's Day weekend). Angie tells how she watched Sara's husband, Brandon, singing, "It is well with my soul" standing, arms raised to heaven, with tears rolling down his cheek.

Just pause and get this mental image in your head. This man is burying his son...his baby son. In the midst of the enormous pain and loss this man responds to God in praise: arms raised and singing: "It is well Lord, it is well with my soul, what You've done causes me to say 'It is well with my soul'."

My heart just ponders that response to our God! What a blessing to "watch" a fellow brother in the Lord trust God so deeply, so passionately, and so completely. Do you think if you lost something so precious you'd respond to God with such trust? How I pray this faith for each of us!

God bless you Sara and Angie!

Monday, May 12, 2008

05/12/08 - Hope Chest

Okay, so I had a hope chest before I got married. I bought so much for when I set up house: dishes, platters, pitchers, wall hangings, and a host of other odds and ends.

Well, we are having a HUGE garage/yard sale this weekend and you know what I am selling? Many of those items.

Why, you ask?

Well, it's not my taste any more. I had phases: Coke Cola phase, Chili pepper phase, collecting pitchers phase, collecting platter phase, Toy Store 2 phase...and other varies phases during those single years.

We moved into our house two years ago and we brought all that with us. When we decided to have a garage sale I told John, "Anything we've not used in 2 years we're selling!"

Well, I have a front porch FULL of stuff and more in my garage (and this doesn't include the big items in the basement and upstairs).

It sure feels good to be lightening our load!

I am not saying: have or don't have a hope chest...just be warned to not collect stuff during those phases ;-)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

05/10/08 - Croatian Emotional Purity

This is amazing friend from Croatia. She is standing in front of the Emotional Purity booth at the young people event two weeks ago. Yes, that is the Croatian cover of Emotional Purity...crazy huh?

I ask that you pray for Marjia as she continues to get the message of emotional purity into the hands of the young people in her area. She paid (yes, out of her own about dedication to this message) for 1,000 copies of Emotional Purity! Please pray that she is able to recover all her expenses. Also, pray for her and her husband as they begin their own publishing company in Croatia.

Below is an e-mail she sent me about the conference and other things:

"Conference. Well, it was great. I wasn’t all the time inside (where the program was) but they told me it was really good for young people. Also, that was historical happening: young people from countries that were in war came together to worship Jesus in the very center of the capital of Croatia!!!

Also, we had a big concert (Anthony Skinner from USA) at the very main square in Zagreb. This was for the first time in history that new born Christians had this opportunity. Also, during the day there were 3 spots in town (on very frequent positions) where there were worship, testimonies and witnessing going for 2 hours for 2 days. I think this was strategic happening and also that it motivated youth from all of those countries to be more active and bold and on fire for Jesus.

This is just beginning; we plan to have such conferences in a future.

Concerning the book: I had really nice stand and on a good position. People were buying it and were interested in what it said. Most of those who heard what it talks about bought it. But the sale wasn’t like I hopped. I covered ¼ of printing price with it. But I believe it needs time for the word to spread out. I expect there will be more orders, and also I’m planning some advertisement campaign. I will write to pastors of different churches and will describe the content and advise them to inform the youth in their church about it. Also, there will be some advertisement in Christian magazines.

Anyway, this is still thing for the prayer. Please, pray for the book to spread over those countries, and also that I would get the money to cover the print (which is quiet high, about little less than $3000.). thanx.

Well, this is for now. You can see in attachment the photo of the stand and advertisement for the book."

Marjia...we are praying for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your faith, your boldness, and your willingness to partner with me in this ministry! God bless you!

(You're welcome to leave comments for Marjia...I will direct her to them!)

Friday, May 9, 2008

05/09/08 - The Answers

I received two questions:

"Is it hard to raise boys, when you grew up with sisters?"

I love having boys! Although it does make me wish I had brothers. It has been more of a challenge, I believe, not growing up with brothers. However, being married to a man, who used to be a boy, helps greatly in giving me perspective and a general understanding of boys.

More than anything I feel a sense of responsibility to raise my sons to be men who stand up for what they believe in, have high morals, are warriors for God's kingdom, know what it means to love and protect a wife and children, know how to hear from God and respond in obedience, and finally know how to rise above the standard of this world.

Before we had Miles, John and I went to a "Raising Boys" seminar at our church (we didn't know what we were having). That was the beginning of my quest in learning about raising sons.

I've read a couple of books on raising boys that have helped:

Preparing Him for the Other Woman, A Mother's Guide to Rising Raising her Son to Love a Wife and Lead a Family

That's My Son: How a Mom can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character

Now I will admit that when I was growing up I thought I have all daughters, so having boys has been more of a challenge, but God has used it to grow me and causes me to rely on Him more.


"When did you first sense that the Lord had laid this message of emotional purity on your heart to share with women (and men)?"

This question relates to the first one. I started writing my book as a journal to my future children. I was in my early 20's and thought my daughters would enjoy peering into their mom's past! (Again this was when I thought I have all girls! ;-) )

As I wrote I realized that there was a desperate need for this message of emotional purity to infiltrate the church. In the last 7 years that I have spoken about emotional purity, I realize the depth of this need to understand this concept.

I don't remember a "light bulb" moment when God clearly laid this on my heart, but I see how He prepared me for this for years before it came to fruition!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

05/07/08 - Question

I got this idea from another blog!

In the comment section you are free to ask me any question. I will answer the questions in future blogs!

We'll see what some of you would like to know about me!

I'll share most anything (just not my home address or anything crazy like that!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

05/06/08 - Grace

Do I think you can have a healthy marriage even if you've not remained emotionally and physically pure? Of course! If I didn't, then I would not believe in a God of grace.

God can heal, restore, and cause there to be a newness to your heart even if you've given it away.

If you have already given yourself away and now God's convicted you of emotional purity what should you do? Most likely you've already done a 180, you've turned and are walking closely with God. If you've been convicted just remain in that conviction.

There was a gal I knew who gave herself away physically when she was in her early 20's. After God broke her and brought her close to His side, she repented of her sin and never went back. She was not physically active again until her wedding night! God healed her, restored her, and has used her testimony of His goodness and grace.

Monday, May 5, 2008

05/05/08 - Your Story

I have a wonderful friend, Rebekah. I am so thankful for her and our friendship. You never would have put us together as friends because our personalities are different.

Rebekah is soft spoken, thoughtful, a deep thinker, analytical, calm, and reserved (in a very good sense of the word).

If you know me, or have gotten to know me through my book or blog you'll know I am not soft spoken or calm and can get excited very easily...not always a good thing.

But our friendship has blossomed over the past 10 months and I always look forward to our time together. My boys also love Bekah and look forward to her time at our house.

Rebekah is a single 26 year old woman who has a gift for writing. Her blog posts today are worth sharing (every blog she writes is worth sharing, but these especially)!

Are you wondering if God is every going to write your love story? Read her two posts from today. Start with this ONE! Then read part TWO!

I have interviewed Rebekah and two other single look for more to come from them on being single.

Friday, May 2, 2008

05/02/08 - Purity People

Are you looking for a place on the web to really connect with likeminded people?

Then PurityPeople is the place for you!

Check them out!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

05/01/08 - Croatian

Today my book is being released in Croatia. There is a large youth event this weekend with over 1000 students attending and for the first time Emotional Purity: An Affair of the Heart will be read in a different language!

Please pray for this event, as it is the first of it's kind in this former Yugoslavian Republic.

The story of how it came to be translated is a God story in and of itself. Over four years ago I received an e-mail from Marjia. I was still self-published so I said go ahead. Then just two or three weeks ago she e-mailed me and told me it was done! I was shocked! I told her that Crossway had to be contacted, which she did. They told her that she had to use the new edition to translate.

In less than a week she made all the corrections, got the green light from Crossway, and designed a new cover! (We didn't get the rights to use the USA cover in time for it to go to print. I did however call her in the 11th hour to try to get the rights...that was the first time I've ever called Croatia!) This was a labor of love and dedication by Marjia and I praise God for her faithfulness to translate Emotional Purity. She is part of this youth conference and has promised to send me an update!

When she first contacted me she was single, but now here's her lovely family:

How awesome is God!?!