Tuesday, April 29, 2008

04/29/08 - The Problem

Ever since I saw Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed I've been studying and reading up on Evolution vs. Creationism.

As I read I have come to realize the importance of believing in creationism and denouncing evolution. Believing in the foundation of our faith brings about our biblical worldview.

I saw this photo by Answers in Genesis and had to share:

We Christians are using our energy on fighting some of the topics, which we should. But are we focusing on their foundation and destroying their foundation?


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. It is the liberalization of America also. It is a daily battle that must be fought in our hearts, minds and actions.

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting this!

Maria Pauline said...

Hmmm... One of the creationists is firing at the banner of Christianity.

Elliot said...

The link in your blog post to "Answers in Genesis" is broken. Here's a corrected link: Answers in Genesis.

Heather Paulsen said...

Elliot...Thanks for the heads up. I fixed the link!