Monday, April 28, 2008

04/28/08 - Dumbing down America

Do you ever feel like at every corner you turn you hear about the same thing? Lately, one topic I've heard a great deal about is the dumbing down of America.

Media only feeds you what tickles your ears. School only teaches you what a non-biblical worldview has to offer. Mom's don't expect much from their young children. Society expects nothing from teenagers....and so on.

Our standard is so low. Not only is our standard low, people are not expected to raise it any. In our Sunday School class one of our classmates shared that he was instructed how to write a proposal for work at a 6th grade level!

Why is this so? Why are we not engaging our minds and thinking? Are we even taught to think...and I mean think critically?

My hope is that you not only have a high standard for yourself, but are challenging yourself with critically thinking through life and world issues (evolution, abortion, homosexuality, divorce, pornography, lawlessness).

Not just thinking through them, but know how to defend your faith and beliefs when challenged (which in this society you will be challenged!!).

What do you do to challenge yourself to think more critically?


Spuckupine said...

check out josh harris' twin brothers movement ( they are also tired of low expectations for teenagers. i recently bought their book, "do hard things" and it is a must read/teach for jr. high and high schoolers to grow up and be responsible. they talk a lot about the "myth of adolesence" which is very true because the Bible says you are a child, and then an adult. Paul used to think as a child but then put away his childish ways (1 cor 13:11)

Noelle said...

To challenge myself I immerse myself in people who think on higher planes than I do. Reading C.S. Lewis, William Wilberforce, H.W. Longfellow, G.K. Chesterton, and the like will challenge you to think in new patterns and spheres like nothing else can.

The trick is not to think that you can't understand them. :)

arcee said...

i was so glad we talked about this in sunday school. our church vision for 'Christian minds in the making' is my sweet spot, if you will. amen that the Lord provides leadership in churches today that challenge us not to settle or give way to foolish and frivolous living that begins with what is happening in our minds/hearts...