Friday, April 25, 2008

04/25/08 - Anti-Authority

At MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) meeting on Wednesday the topic was "Why are kids growing up so fast?"

It was a great topic and well presented. When we broke up into small groups I asked, "Why do we think kids are growing up so fast?" Some of the other moms responded that they felt that parents want to be their kids friends and not parents. That there was little discipline of kids these days, thus causing them to have or get whatever they want.

Then I asked what was driving that mentality?

Instantly the thought: anti-authority, came to me. We live in a society that is anti-authority. Parents don't like to be under the authority of someone, so why would they want to suffocate their kids with a line of authority to come under?

Kids don't obey their parents, students are disrespectful to their teachers, employees don't like their bosses, church members balk at their leadership, wives don't obey their husbands, people make up their own rules when driving...the list is endless, anti-authority attitude is everywhere.

At the core of our human sin nature is a desire to be our own boss. We want to be in charge! We don't want someone telling us what to do or be in "charge" of us! All sin is anti-authority. We believe we know what's best for us, so we don't obey what God says is best for us.

I believe that my greatest freedom comes when I am submitting to the line of authority God has established. My kids know there's a line of authority in our home and my prayer is they will one day be able to easily transfer that attitude of obedience over to God!

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