Saturday, April 19, 2008

04/19/08 - Expelled

Last night we went to see Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed!

Okay, you have to go see this movie! Do whatever you have to: get a sitter, cancel plans..this movie is a must! Show your support for an Intelligence Designer!

I will tell you this that it takes more faith to believe in Darwinism than it does to believe that there was a Creator. The two Darwinist who actually shared where we came from had these two theories: we were created on the backs of crystals and we were "seeded" here from an alien planet. WHAT! That takes more faith to believe that then God created us!

You'll be surprised at how angry darwinist are at anyone who dares to believe in ID.

You'll laugh at the end when the Richard Dawkins, author of many books debunking God, and Ben Stein have a discussion in which Dawkins himself says, "Well, if there was a God then where did He come from. He can't come from nothing!" WHAT! Isn't this what he believes we came from. Also, he says that these aliens that seeded planet earth must have been created by something.

Oh and the main video they recommend Ben Stein to watch pretty much says that we were started by: "lighting or something". Or something!!

One Darwinist said: Evolution is a fact!

Well, if it is a fact then why do two top evolutionist have two different theories from where we began.

Two things happened at the end of watching this movie, which I've not ever seen before:
1) The audience clapped (this has not happened in a long time)
2) Everyone gathered in the lobby to talk about the movie

Ok, I'll stop, hopefully this whets your appetite to go see this movie!

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